Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Danny Noriega: For Your Daily "Whaaa?"

I full intend to give some 'American Idol' commentary in the coming weeks once we get to Top 12. Until then...

Danny Noriega was a competitor on last year's 'American Idol'. He was eliminated in the very first round after Hollywood Week, and best known as the flamboyant, sassy little boy of the group. Initially, I had feared he would be the next Sanjaya for the season as his fans were both ferocious and fierce, but luckily this kid was put out of his misery early on. Clearly, 'American Idol' was not the right fit for him, no matter how idol-worthy he clearly thought he was.

He has released his first real original material since his appearance on the show last year, and it's an electro-tingled tongue-in-cheek "24/7" that spoofs on his appearance on the nation's biggest talent competition. It's somewhere between Darin and Jeffree Star, and I think he would be happy with that comparison...maybe. It's the type of guilty pleasure fare that if you didn't know who it was by, you would groove to it for a couple of minutes. But I am pleasantly surprised that it's not God-awful like I expected it to be.

Thoughts? And of course, I can't talk about D.Nore without whipping out this super "Soup" worthy clip:

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