Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RIP My Friend, My Home

I could not be more upset right now. The above picture was taken by me this past Sunday, January 11, 2009. That photo of Times Square and the Virgin Megastore will soon be wholly different.

With the death of UK music store Zavvi just before Christmas, it was confirmed yesterday that the quintessential Times Square Virgin Megastore with its blown up CD cover billboards and its light up demeanor of a red logo becoming a recognizable sight in the photos of the heart of NYC's tourist district is CLOSING in April 2009.

This news is not new, as it's been a rumor being swirled around since the summer, but the real question was when and now we know.

This news makes me so so sad. Visiting the Times Square Virgin Megastore was an essential part of the New York City experience for me from the very first time I set foot in the city when I was 10 years old back in 1997. Word is the store has already been leased to be turned into a Forever 21.

I love Forever 21 as much as the next twentysomething girl, for their cheeky mod style and cheap prices, but the fact that is replacing the Virgin Megastore kinda bugs me. A lot. Okay, it really bothers me.

Here is the silver lining: Virgin will be left with only five stores in the US following the Times Square location's closure, and the one located in Union Square (right by my work) will become "the city's premiere record store" per Billboard. Which is kinda cool. I guess. Bittersweet is more like it, really.

Still, a part of me feels broken as I begin to take the steps to a real career in the music business. I finally move to NYC to pursue my dream, and first the majority of Broadway closes down, and now this.

Damn you economy! George Bush hates music-loving people!

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John said...

I feel your pain. Every time I make it back east and into the city, that's a must-stop, even though we have one here in Denver. There's just something about the Times Square store. Where Upstate? Syracuse boy here.

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