Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Something To Brighten Your Day

PopJustice recently wrote about a DJ in the UK who remixed B*Witched's debut hit "C'est la Vie" in an attempt to help end the global recession. This weirdo states the song is "something we need to hear on our radio's & TV's in these miserable recession hit times."

I've heard the remix. It's nothing special.

But it did encourage me to pull out my old B*Witched CD. Oh yeah, I still have that sucker. My fave song still is and will always be the rock-twinged "We Four Girls", but there's just something about four Irish girls with bad choreography frolicking in a field, singing a saccharine sweet pop song with "subtle" innuendo about showing you mine if you show me yours.

Wow, this really did lift my mood! Ahh, 90's pop. We were so carefree then, huh? How else would this be considered a hit? YouTube won't let me embed the "real" video (even though the quality isn't great), so we'll make due with this fan made one.

Want to see the real video? Here's a link. Now go -- reminisce. Trust me. It feels good.

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