Friday, January 30, 2009

Damaged: Danity Kane in Memoriam

The news is official. Danity Kane is pretty much Dead-ity Maimed.

Yes, it's been pretty obvious since it was announced that Aubrey and D.Woods are no longer apart of a group. But Dawn Richards sat down with MTV the other day to speak out about DK and their "status". She stated that Shannon didn't even show up to negotiations, and the only members to show up to the notorious "Making the Band" standoff shown in previews for the new season were Dawn & Aundrea.

MTV has five clips from their interview with Dawn up on their website. I don't know how I feel about it.

I just want to know why. I think one of the members of Day 26 stated something that DK wasn't real with their fans, and hid their problems until they combusted, and he couldn't have hit that nail harder if he tried. I feel like this came out of nowhere, that they suddenly all hate each other, that they all disrespect each other. I miss the old Danity Kane, the vintage Danity Kane if you will, seeing as they weren't even around for that long. I loved when they geniunely tried to work as a team. That's what being in a pop group is all about.

I know a lot of people yak about Diddy and his terrible contracts. The fact of the matter is, something went seriously south, and if it was as bad as it obviously was, something should have been done if they wanted to salvage their careers. It should have been obvious from the fact that only two singles were promoted (and I use "promoted" loosely) from their debut that they were not really a priority, as there were several songs that could have been additional singles ("One Shot", "Sleep On It" and "Want It" come to mind off the top of my head), and the same went for their underrated sophomore album. "Ride For You" was INCREDIBLE and it stalled at radio.

I have no respect for a group who is willing to just throw in the towel with no explanation. I want to know what really happened. We grew up with this group, we watched them from inception to (semi) success. Maybe that was the problem...

It's not like they were on top of their game from the get go, but their music was good, they seemed relate-able (all but Aubrey least at first) and they came literally from the people. It's a shame they never got the chance to live up to their obvious potential, but I feel all of this documentation of their break up is the most press they've ever gotten, and it all feels like a cheap cop out to break into solo territory. In my opinion, Dawn and Aundrea were the only sangers in the group, but now with Dawn going on and on and on about this breakup makes me lose respect for her.

What are your thoughts? Are you sad to see them go? What was your fave DK track?


John said...

A lot of folks that normally praise the type of pop music DK records trashed them, simply on perception, but "Damaged" was one of the best pop songs last year, hands down. As a whole, though, I'm pretty ambivalent about this, but I wasn't invested in the TV show, either.

Nikki said...

I think this was bound to happen from the very start.

There is and has always been a major flaw in pop groups, you have four or five different people making one thing and those people have different opinions on things.

It didn't work for countless tv-manufactured amazing bands, Liberty X, Hear'Say, Clea, One True Voice and heaps more because you can't just put five guys or girls who've never met each other before the band together and expect them to become friends.

For the first few months, even years it might work but sooner or later things will fall apart.

I always use this example but it's true, the secret to Westlife's longevity, never mind success is the fact that outside work, they're friends. Three of the boys grew up with each other and the two from Dublin knew each other before they auditioned.

They're also really thankful for what they have, something that I think is extremely important. You can love something but when you finally get it you take it for granted. I think that's what happened to the girls. At least that's what I think. Danity Kane forgot about how privileged they were to have a record contract, never mind a number one album(two, actually, right?) that they didn't bother to think about how different their lives would be had a different five girls took their place.

phew. was that long? haha.

Poster Girl said...

I haven't heard all of their second album--I know I probably should, considering generally good things are said about it--but I know I love "Sucka For Love" from it.

You mention growing up with them and, though I can't say I'm very upset about the breakup, it is especially strange because my memories of each stage of their creation and existence are linked to various points in my life; I remember which goes with which.

If any of the members who left think they've got a solo career in front of them, they're going to be in for a surprise, which makes the choice to leave even stranger...unless there really was a lot more conflict between them than they showed.

Mel said...

John -- I agree. "Damaged" was an amazing song and I still listen to it all the time.

Nikki - You're 100% right, which is why I never put much faith in TV groups (O-Town and Eden's Crush much? haha), but for some reason, DK felt different to me. Obviously, they weren't. And I agree, they were only together for a few years, had moderate success, and suddenly feel like they are owed everything. Strange.

Poster Girl - I'm the same way. They weren't together for too to long, but I feel like since I used to watch the TV religiously (before it became all about Diddy), like I know these girls, and I thought I knew their relationship. Clearly I was being naive. And yes -- you should DEFINITELY look in to the album, but "Sucka For Love" was hands down the best song on it (another potential single!). I also really liked "Lights Out".

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