Friday, January 16, 2009

"Gone" For Good?

I didn't think I'd have to count on JC Chasez to crush my dreams of an *NSYNC reunion. But my friends, he may have just did.

After reading all of the posts on my girl Nikki's blog for her new "boy band" themed special, it made me yearn for the return of my fave boyband. Don't get me wrong -- NLT, V Factory and Varsity Fanclub make for good nostalgia to my teen pop past (and present, lets be real) but there can be no substitute for the real thing in this *NSYNC-er's heart.

I was never very optimistic of an *NSYNC reunion until Lance Bass had to ruin my forced indifference by stating a reunion is very possible for the very near future. Of course, this was during the height of his "fame surge" upon announcement he would be a part of the "Dancing With the Stars" bonanza, which in itself bothered me as people would need to be reminded of who my teen idol was, even though his band was on everyone's lips less than ten years ago.

In an interview with PopWrap, a portion of the New York Post, JC Chasez stated he will be working on getting another solo record out very soon, but that an *NSYNC reunion tour hasn't even been discussed, unlike what Lance had insinuated (multiple times).

"No. We haven't discussed anything like that. I don't know. Honestly, I can't speak for him or as to why he would say that but I know nothing about one." --JC Chasez

Aww, JC. You're tearin' up my heart. Throw a kid a bone, please. All I'm asking is for one more tour. For good times sake.

Those of you who are less familiar with *NSYNC (read: you kids born past 1993, and it freaks me out that you are reading this right now...haha), it was Justin Timberlake's band before he spread his wings to become one of the most respected, copied and celebrated male popstars of the new century. His bandmates are now most famous for: being the host of various lame cancelled game shows (Joey Fatone), "Dancing With the Stars" (Lance, Joey), being a condesending judge on a dance competition show even though he's not a very good dancer himself (JC on "Americas Best Dance Crew"), and for...well...nothing (Chris Kirkpatrick...unless you count that failure of a boyband creation "reality" TV show "Mission Man Band" which included a guy from LFO, a guy from Color Me Badd, and a guy from 98 Degrees. Last I heard, he was on the second season of that god-awful CMT reality show "Gone Country". I shiver just thinking about it.).

You can read JC's whole interview here.


Nikki said...

hey! I was born past 1993!

Mission man band sounds a lot like Totally Boyband.(

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

I'm more concerned with JC putting out his solo album. The leaked material from 'kate' was amazing! Have you ever heard this track from his debut? STRAIGHT FIRE!

Mel said...

Nikki -- Haha. You know I'm joking. And if anything you'd be my exception, because I feel you are very mature for your age. :)

Prophet - I'm attempting to try and think that way as well. I wasn't psyched about his first one, but a part of me was very upset when his second got we shall see.

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

I really like your blog Mel. You're a good writer. I'm hoping to do more writing on mine when I get more traffic and a better layout up. Our blogs are quite different but also have similarities, and I bet that would be the same for our personal music tastes.

Mel said...

Prophet -- Thank you! That's very kind of you! I really like your blog as well, you always make me laugh with your sarcastic humor. And I really love the majority of the songs you post -- you have become a real source of new music for me, so don't think it doesn't go unappreciated!

Nikki -- I forgot to mention -- I believe Mission Man Band is a US spin off of Totally Boyband.

Nikki said...

aawww thanks! haha.

I knew it! They seemed so totally alike. haha.

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

Well you're my new homegirl since we're both 21. Shame I'm in Australia, but keep that between us so I don't have to stop using the word "ya'll" in all my posts :P

Lilly said...

JC was always one of my faves in NSYNC, and a reunion would make my day :) - i am glad to see he is still doing the solo thing though, and i hope his next album gets the success he deserves. back to the reunion talk though, some people might think that after 10 years the ship has sailed, but NKOTB got back together after 14 ;)

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