Friday, December 26, 2008

[WGO] Post Christmas Fallout

-Beyonce and her “Single Ladies” are officially the first #1 of 2009.

-The Christmas sales push certainly helped this year, as 17 albums sold over 100,000 copes this week! Finally…good news! Taylor Swift tops the album chart again, just edging out Keyshia Cole’s “A Different Me” at #2 by less than 5,000 copies. Jamie Foxx’s “Intiution”, after hyping it for what feels like forever, debuted at #3. Sasha Fierce holds strong at #4, and Britney’s “Circus” is #5. Fall Out Boy’s new record “Folie A Deux” debuted at #8, just behind the “Twilight” soundtrack. That stings a little, don't it, Pete?

-Biggest Sales Gainer this week? Would you know it, its my new found love ABBA and the “Mama Mia” film soundtrack, clocking in at #19, up a whopping 118%! Apparently, a lot of people got Meryl Streep singing “The Winner Takes All” and “Money Money Money” under their Christmas tree. In fact, the film’s DVD has been named the Top Selling DVD of 2008, outselling “The Dark Knight”…which I find truly surprising. Seasonal favorites Enya and IL Divo were also holiday favorites, up 51% and 41% respectively.

-The Post Christmas Album Chart Is As Follows:
1. Taylor Swift “Fearless”
2. Keyshia Cole “A Different Me”
3. Jamie Foxx “Intutition”
4. Beyonce “I Am…Sasha Fierce”
5. Britney Spears “Circus”
6. Nickelback “Dark Horse”
7. Twilight “Film Soundtrack”
8. Fall Out Boy “Folie A Deux”
9. AC/DC “Black Ice”
10. Now That’s What I Call Music 29

-The Singles Chart was a different story altogether. As previously mentioned, Beyonce was #1 again this week with “Single Ladies”. T.I. and Rihanna continue to wait in the wings with “Live Your Life”, and my girl Lady Gaga and “Just Dance” continue to hold strong at #3, after 20 weeks on the chart. Kanye’s “Heartless” climbs three spots to #4, and Britney’s “Womanizer” bests last week by one position at #5.

-In other pop needlessness, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Ashlee Simpson posted pictures of their baby Bronx online…for free, after making a big deal of being “hounded” by magazines and being offered “mounds and mounds” of $$$. I don’t get the whole baby pics thing. Most babies all look the same anyway, no matter how famous their parents are. Click here for more info.

-More proof that we’re headed toward the Apocalypse: People still care what Lindsay Lohan thinks. How is she even relevant? I thought the cancellation of “Living Lohan” was proof she was hardly worth mentioning anymore. She’s been clocked by the UK’s The Mirror for comparing herself to Britney Spears in a MySpace blog (a worthy assessment I suppose…on the crazy hot mess part). Also, apparently her label is severely P-Oed because Ms. Lohan is taking too long to produce her third album and spending too much time with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. You wanna know why she’s waiting so long? Because she is realizing that her go-nowhere line of leggings would be more profitable. Click for the madness.

-On a very sad note, the legendary Eartha Kitt passed away on Christmas Day. She will be missed…and always remembered!

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