Friday, December 26, 2008

Top 2(00)8 Songs of 2008 (Part 1)

Everyone who has a blog and their mother have excellent countdowns of their favorite songs/albums of 2008 (see my blog roll for examples), so I figured I’d follow the trend and give in to the peer pressure. However, the task itself was incredibly formidable. I couldn’t really decide my favorite songs, to be honest, so I turned to my best friend/stalker, Last.FM, to tell me what my favorite songs are. Although I don’t entirely agree with the order, these are the top 28 songs I’ve listened to in the past 12 months in terms of overall plays. As always with when I talk about songs, if you’d like one of these songs to sample for yourself, just comment and let me know.

28. Jonas Brothers “Lovebug”
From the minute I heard the “A Little Bit Longer” album from beginning to end, “Lovebug” immediately stood out, both sonically and lyrically. The song is almost Beatlesque in simplicity, gorgeous in melody, and tremendously creative coming from a band that quite possibly could be the most overexposed celebrity of 2008. I will always have a tender spot for the three Jonai from Jersey, but this song definitely stands apart in my mind. Kevin plays the electric mandolin, Joe tap dances and Nick’s vocals shine. Does it really get any better than that from those boys? No, I don’t think so. Mickey Mouse (and the boys' parents) – we thank you.
Best Part: "Now I'm speechless, over the edge and just breathless...I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again..." and Joe's wail of "And I'm..." before the bridge when Kevin starts shredding on the guitar.

27. T.I. feat. Rihanna “Live Your Life”
The first time I heard this song was on a whim after seeing a download link at some random blog as a B-side from T.I.’s upcoming album, “Paper Trail”. Next thing I know, this song is being performed live on the annual VMA’s, and was all over the radio. Let the record show, I adored this song way before it topped the Hot 100 (for several weeks). I’m usually not much for rap tracks, but Rihanna’s voice works perfectly with that “Numa Numa” melody, which got stuck in your head long before it was worked into a rap single. I think it takes hip hop back to an older era – when it actually had a message behind the lyrics.
Best Part: Rihanna and the "Numa Numa" chorus.

26. Alesha Dixon “The Boy Does Nothing”
I cannot tell you what I like best about this song. It’s a mixture of things. One – Alesha Dixon is a former member of Mis-Teeq, who I adored, saw live in concert, and whose album I still listen to all the time. Two – the song is a product of the incredibility that is Xenomania, who brought us every good Girls Aloud song. Three – the song has a throwback feel without feeling forced or gimmicky. Four – it’s catchy. Five – it’s fun to dance to. The defense rests. The rest of the album may be so-so (save “Breathe Slow” or “Italians Do It Better”…for personal reasons), but this song is pure fire.
Best Part: "His rhythm's go go go..." and the half sung/half spoken "He does nothing, the boy does nothing!"

25. Lady GaGa feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida “Starstruck”
2008 should have been Gaga’s year, but unfortunately, in the US, it wasn’t. Here’s to a successful 2009 for Ms. GaGa with this superb album track that features Space Cowboy (who worked with another stand out artist I found out about in 2008 – Nadia Oh) and Flo Rida. It’s a shame this was only a bonus track, because it very much could have been a single, and at the least, a dancefloor track. The song is insanely catchy, and instantly surpassed my other faves from “The Fame” (“Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Beautiful Dirty Rich”, “Disco Heaven”, “Paparazzi”…oh, who am I kidding? The whole album is amazing!) for the coveted title of my favorite song of hers.
Best Part: Uh...the whole song, especially the space age sound effects.

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