Saturday, December 13, 2008

Check it out now, Funk Soul Brother

Here are a few songs that have gotten a pretty obscene amount of plays by me recently. You should probably check them out too.

LADY SOVERIGN "I Got You Dancing"
Lady SOV is pop/rap type artist from the UK. She first burst through on the scene a few years ago with “Love Me Or Hate Me”. This song is the first single from her new album, due for release soon. The song sounds a lot like “Love Me…” in its delivery, but includes an infusion of electropop and the use of a vocoder for more of a dance feel. It’s definitely a unique and fun listen, and catchy as all hell.

I know this song is somewhat old by now, but I was first introduced to Dragonette formally a few months ago, and I fell in love with this song. It’s so electro and kitchy and incredible. That syth backdrop gets stuck in my head.

JAY SEAN "Tonight"
I fell in love with this song a few weeks ago and its been on my playlists ever since. A remix version (that is really hard to find) was recently featured as a “Song of the Day” at PopJustice, and its just as good if not better. Something else to add to my pile of songs to look for…Sean sounds like a British Chris Brown…in fact, had I not known who it was, I would have assumed it was Chris Brown. And apparently, he's signed to T Lopez' label, Cash Money Records.

CHRIS BROWN "Believer"
I don’t know what this track is. It almost sounds unfinished, but it is still incredible. It sounds like part 2 of “Forever” in a more laid back way. I don’t know if it is an unused demo or part of his upcoming album due out in ’09. Either way, I think it has promise.

I’m usually not much for rock type bands, but Kings of Leon seem pretty legit to me. I used to say I’m weary of bands featured on the soundtrack to ‘Gossip Girl’ as being too hipster, but given they have featured the Ting Tings, Nadia Oh, Junkie XL and now Kings of Leon, I really can’t hate much. Just about every song I’ve heard I kinda like, because it’s not your typical pop/rock. It has something different. Something just else. And the vocalist’s pipes are definitely unique and claw at you.

KANYE WEST “Love Lockdown” / “Heartless”
I may not enjoy Kanye West’s ego (except in humorous way), but it’s hard to ignore that he does make good danceable music with thoughtful lyrics. I’m not gonna praise it to the extreme that he wants me to, but from the moment I first heard “Love Lockdown” at this year’s VMAs, I wanted to hear it over and over again. The latest album’s next single “Heartless” is almost as good. They tend to be growers, and are undeniably unique in this market.

I adore these girls, as you can probably guess. “Treat” is by far their strongest offering (of the songs they have premiered on MySpace, anyway) that has a strong dance feel, and is battling with “Angel” for my favorite song by them. It was written by Simon Curtis, another pop virtuoso who is undercredited for his genius. It calms my heart that the world will soon know of both of these artists! If you haven’t heard this, you can download it for free at

LADY GAGA "Starstruck"
I’m so bummed this was only treated as a bonus track on “The Fame.” Aside from “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”, this song is by far my fave Gaga track. I also just heard a new remix of the song that is just as good as the original. The song is insanely catchy, and is a lot of fun to dance to. Because I know from a lot of experience.

ROBYN "Keep This Fire Burning (2008)"
I’ve been a Robyn fan since I can’t even tell you when. I remember being so young and singing along to “Show Me Love” when it came on the radio. I’m so glad she’s back and pumping out electro hits. “Keep This Fire Burning” is a re-imagining of her older hit, and it is just phe-nom-en-al. I have no words other than everyone needs to bow down to how great Ms. Robyn is.

MONROSE "Don't Touch the Fader"
I doubt it’ll be used as a single from their latest album, but it should be released as a club single as a way to sashay their way into the American market. The beats and synths are so sick, I can’t even describe them to you.

I’m new to the whole Jessica Mauboy phenomenon (I’m American, you must forgive me for these things) but I really do love her album inside and out. “Burn” is awesome, even if the chorus is a bit random (“This is starting to burn” sounds a bit naughty to my ears…but I tend to twist things…). I think it was PopJustice who described the song as being a mixture of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” and The Saturday’s “Up” and I think that is pretty on point.
You want one of these songs? You know the drill -- comment and you shall recieve.

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