Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Used To Be Cool

Five years ago today, Beyonce's follow up single "Baby Boy" with Sean Paul (where is he now?) was dominating the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. After the crazy success of "Crazy In Love" (stupid pun...I know), the expectations were high, and Ms. Knowles (soon to be -Carter) lived up to it. "Baby Boy" is still somewhat relevant today with it's Middle Eastern-esque inspired tings.

The rest of the top five from 2003 at this time included Ludacris' "Stand Up", Outkast telling us to shake it like a Polaroid Picture with "Hey Ya", Chingy and the gang going to the "Holidae Inn" and Outkast again stating "I Like The Way You Move". 2003 seemed to be dominated by R&B and Rap.

I have to say "Baby Boy" and "Hey Ya" still sound awesome when they are blasted in the car. I was never much for Ludacris or Chingy, but it must be admitted that those two cuts are tremendously catchy.

Taking it back 10 years ago, because I can, to 1998 when pop music first officially became a love of my inner psyche, the #1 song was Divine's "Lately". Rounding out the top five was Lauryn Hill's gorgeous and amazing "Doo Wop (That Thing)", Deborah Cox's greatest hit "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here", 98 Degree's breakthrough song "Because of You", and Monica's "The First Night".

"Doo Woop" was and is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a return by Ms. Hill. Deborah Cox is still churning out material, but not at the strength of "Nobody", her biggest hit to date. 98 Degrees represents for the boy band bonanza that is about to ensue the following year.

Remember these tracks? Fond memories?

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