Sunday, February 07, 2016

WATCH THIS: 17 Thoughts while Watching Beyonce's "Formation" Return

I guess you can say the Return of Beyonce was unexpected -- but considering the debacle TIDAL is facing with their Rihanna Rollout, someone needs to reinforce that they serve a real and potentially powerful purpose in the industry.

Queen Bey dropped a "surprise" music video featuring the first new material we've heard from her in what feels like forever. Don't have TIDAL? Watch it here.

My initial thoughts & feelings were:
  • What is this? And why does it feel like overnight Beyonce went from proper pop chanteuse to Voice of a Generation?
  • I also feel reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress, because I cannot reconcile that amount of $$$ for one piece of clothing I'll probably wear in public two or three times total in my lifetime, k?
  • Does this remind anyone else of "7/11"? That bounce beat both grates on my nerves and makes me want to dance.
  • I TWIRL ON THEM HATERS; RIDE ON ALLIGATORS (also someone get me a shirt that says I TWIRL ON THEM HATERS stat, kthanks....and in the time I took to type that, I'm sure it already exists) UPDATE: Yes, it already exists.
  • If you were curious as to why Beyonce is a Queen to so many, this video is Exhibit A-Z. She's striking and on top of a pedestal, she's making statements on top of a flooded police car, she's bad ass by flipping gender roles in music, she's making moola and staying "country".
  • Drag Queens better be already preparing to lip synch this (SLAY TRICK OR YOU GET E-LIM-UH-NATED.) Drag Culture really is everywhere, huh?
  • This might be the most non-pop thing Beyonce has ever done and unlike with other artists, I'm not side-eyeing her for it.
  • I've got Hot Sauce in my Bag.
  • Beyonce slays. Metaphorically and perhaps literally, too. For all we know, she may have actually murdered potential musical threats.
  • We knew that already and yet we all are like BEYONCE SLAYS!!!
  • She slays so hard, she temporarily makes me want to shout from the rooftops that I slay by proxy. #BeyonceEffect
  • I know it's already a meme and all but I just can't get behind the Red Lobster line. Nope. Sorry. No. I get it. I do. It's funny, sure. But no. Just no. And get out of here with Red Lobster's tweet retort. #lameo
  • This choreo takes names and how I dearly wish I would look like Beyonce when attempting to mimic it (but we all know I won't).
  • Tell me the whole album drops for on iTunes imminently (but not for free and not just on TIDAL).
  • If it does, I hope it's not all sonically similar to this. I still need my vocals, B.

The song itself upon first listen isn't something I'd put on heavy repeat over and over but it's quite indicative of this current "phase" of her career in that it uses visuals, talking points, and quotables to get right up in there inside your brain. It's less about being vocally beautiful and more about being viral and making grand statements, and in that case, it sounds like it could be puzzle piece #1 of Beyonce Part II. If Drake is the best at playing that game in hip hop crossover, Beyonce is undoubtedly the best in the mainstream.'s Super Bowl Sunday. Where's my Hot Sauce?

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