Sunday, January 03, 2016

WATCH THIS: Little Mix & Fleur East Team Up for "Sax / Black Magic" at the UK X Factor Finals

If there was any doubt that the USA needs to step their (mainstream) pop game up, they were promptly stomped on at the UK X Factor finals over the Christmas holidays.

Last year's runner up (who was robbed, btw) Fleur East was back on stage promoting her "Uptown Funk" revamp debut single by standing rank with the ladies of Little Mix for a supergroup remix rendition of "Black Magic" and her Kimye bashing (I mean...kinda) jam "Sax".

It makes you miss the glory days of teen pop here in the States, doesn't it? Honestly, I want more of these types of collaborations. They show just how massive and showy and fun pop music can be.

Little Mix and Fleur East sing Black Magic... by CinegamesS

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