Monday, January 11, 2016

HEAR THIS: OHLAYINDIGO's "Love You to the Moon"

File this one under fab Scandipop.

Norway has brought us a lot of stellar pop music -- M2M, Annie, Margaret Berger, Raylee, just to name a few. New act OHLAYINDIGO is gunning to join that list and if their new single "Love You to the Moon" is any indicator, they are already well on their way.

The duo group is made up of vocalist/songwriter Hanna (the face of the project) and drummer Zak. The group is originally from Oslo but relocated to San Francisco. "Love You to the Moon" is melodic dream pop at its best -- simple, catchy, and effective.

Their debut EP is slotted for a summer release and I can't wait. Fingers crossed for NYC tour dates before then!

Love the song like I do? The song is available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. Want to hear more? Visit their website and put your e-mail on their mailing list for a free download of their song, "Heartbeat".

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