Thursday, January 21, 2016

FRESH OUT THE BOX: Alex Newell, Stooshe, Tiggs Da Author, Felix Snow, that Panic! album, & more

This past week's  new releases were flooded with lots of excellent collaborations -- and an excellent Panic! At The Disco album. It also solidified Conrad SewellLady Leshurr, and Alex Newell as ones to watch in 2016. Read on to discover the tunes you need to be listening right now.

ALEX NEWELL - "This Ain't Over"
Alex's big voice is used perfectly here -- it doesn't overwhelm but it still fills the room up.

FANTASIA - "No Time For It" (listen here)

A perfectly lovely and repeatable midtempo.

FELIX SNOW - "Running Out Of You (feat. CONRAD SEWELL)" (listen here)

Banger alert. And it features Sewell on the vocal -- look out for this kid, he's gonna be everywhere.

IDA LAFONTAINE - "Go Again" (listen here)

Not as much of an instantaneous earworm as "Anthem" was but still very catchy.

KEYS N KRATES - "Save Me (feat. KATY B)" (listen here)
This has been out for awhile but Keys N Krates just released an ace EP and I can't resist the urge to keep spinning this fave.

LAURA MVULA - "Overcome (feat. NILE RODGERS)" (listen here)
Two talented artists -- you can't go wrong with this.

MORTEN - "Beautiful Heartbeat (feat. FRIDA SUNDEMO)"
File this under dark disco Scandipop scorcher. Painfully the best way.

NATHAN SYKES - "Over and Over Again (feat. ARIANA GRANDE)" (listen here)

The former arranged-couple-for-publicity couple that is Sykes (now post-The Wanted) and Grande team up again with very pretty results on this romantic piano ballad.

PANIC! AT THE DISCO - Death of a Bachelor album
I can't pick a fave, it keeps changing. Mere days into 2016 and we already have a contender for the 'Best Of' shortlist.

TAYA - "More (Goldsymth Edition)" (listen here)
Via a recommendation from none other than Nicola Roberts herself, via her excellent interview/dialog with The 405. It's aces. The song is a Tamia cover from her album of the same name released back in 2004 -- however, the song was revamped as a dance cover in the UK via Blonde & Melissa Steele last year. Taya's cover sits somewhere in between the original and the cover.

Tiggs reminds me quite a bit of what I love about K'NAAN. His flow feels organic and more like poetry than your typical hip hop posturing. The hook is super catchy as well.

STOOSHE - "Lock Down"
This filtered out into the ether a few weeks back in the UK but finally made it's way to the US Spotify. It's more of a slow burn but once it hits, it's on perpetual replay. I missed these ladies.

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