Thursday, October 15, 2015

#CMJ2015 DAY TWO: New Myths at Berlin

Day 2 is in the books!

Keeping with Day 1, I chose to spend my second night of CMJ Madness at Berlin "bar" in the East Village, a venue I was totally unfamiliar with. To describe the scene as "intimate" would be putting it quite mildly. Berlin is one of those #LES (read: Lower East Side) dives that offers more than meets the eye from the outside.

There's no real outside signage to speak of and when you walk in, it's just a long, skinny length-wise bar with chairs, that leads to a dark staircase down to the lower echelons (lit only by strategically placed candle tea lights). There you'll find another bar, accented with brick and red lighting, a mini stage nestled in to the back corner completed with red velvet curtains, making it feel a bit like an old-timey movie theater. The showcase was hosted the Holy Underground (appropriate).

I was here for one reason and one reason only: to see Brit, Rosie, and Marina, the kick ass ladies of New Myths, a power pop/rock trio I've grown quite fond of after hearing their debut album, Give Me Noise, a few weeks back. To make the night even more special, it was officially the anniversary of the album's release.

The album is full of sweet harmonies set to decadently dark chords and super hooky guitar licks. Think HAIM, if they had a love child with Hole and Joy Division, with a New Wave aesthetic -- bad ass sounds but with a pop sensibility. A surprise favorite of their set was "Out of Control". The song is multi-layered and quietly intense on the album itself but seeing them in a live setting gives the song a whole new life, especially the insidious chanty bit of "To find, to find / The way to say, to say / The way I know you know I need you now".

The single, "Howl", (above) which closed their set, is not to be missed and could be massive on the right radio formats. I mean, that guitar riff! Yes!

For more on New Myths, check out their official website at or follow them on Twitter via @weareNEWMYTHS.

As always, all photos and gifs can be credited to: Bring on Day 3!


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