Thursday, September 24, 2015

FRESH OUT THE BOX: Jess Glynne, Ellie Goulding, Disclosure, MNEK, Vanessa White, & more

L to R: Jess Glynne, MNEK & Zara Larsson, Disclosure & Lion Babe, Ellie Goulding
Only two more Friday's left before Q4 Priority takes over. Here's what's been taking priority on my Spotify since we last chatted. As always, click on the song titles to hear the song.


Hey fam, let's be real. Are you just not that into forever-perky Taylor Swift but are willing to admit homegirl can write some tunes? (Guilty.) Ryan Adams has your back. He recently released a cover album of T-Swift's recent record, 1989, song for song, in his own indie-folk interpretation and it kind of blew my mind.  

Easily Disclosure's best since "Latch" and it features the fabulous and underrated Lion Babe!

Just because Nick Jonas is a reputable pop phenomenon now, fellow formerly solo Jonai Joe Jonas has formed the dance band DNCE (like 'dance', get it?). "Cake By The Ocean" is the first offering from the project. Since Nick has the Justin Timberlake front covered, Joe has opted for a more Cobra Starship-esque feel. We'll see where this train leads...

Speaking of Nick J, who else is watching and devouring the new FOX show 'Scream Queens'? It is literally my everything, soundtrack included. The premiere two-episode included this, the latest from Eden XO, in its rank -- a 2015 lite-pop cover of the Thompson Twins classic. 

It's unsurprising but I've been playing Jess Glynne's debut album, I Cry When I Laugh, back to front on repeat ad naseum. This is the current favorite. It changes by the hour.

This is really growing on me. While "Good For You" felt a little too posture-y, "Same Old Love" has a little bit of old soul to it, something I believe Selena herself also possesses. Her new album will certainly be interesting.

This song sure is it for me right now. Could it be a response to Ed Sheeran's "Don't", which was allegedly written about her? Who cares -- it's a killer dance track and it breaks the borderline monotony Ellie had been perpetuating with her string of EDM-y, thin-vocalled pop hits. A move in the right direction, certainly.

This man can tackle any genre, any feel, and it's always a slam dunk. His latest is dark disco at its finest.

Say what? My favorite teenage Swedish popstar and my favorite mega-producer/singer-songwriter have collaborated on a sweet pop song that's perfect for the fall? I'm all hands in, let's do this.

While much of Leona's latest album went right through me (and it's a shame because she has such a great voice but its clear her producers don't know how to use it/her), this one stood out.

Demi is not playing around with this new album (also to be called Confident). Good thing, too. She really soars when she's being body-positive and girl power-y. I could get behind this song -- it really amps you up, no matter what age bracket you fall into. Because nothing's wrong with being confident.

I honestly wasn't expecting this EP but any Kylie is good Kylie.

Lots of surprising, 80's inspired pop nuggets on PHASES's debut album, For Life. They are currently on the road with Adam Lambert and Rachel Platten. 

A "wild"card surprise. I like his feel.

VANESSA WHITE - "Relationship Goals"
It's official. The first of my beloved The Saturdays have dropped solo music. Golden-throated, small-but-mighty Vanessa White has offered up "Relationship Goals" on Soundcloud. At first, it seems like a very 2015, decidedly rhythmic & urban midtempo before it builds toward the chorus and the background beat starts escalating. Very promising stuff -- and very un-Saturdays. Bravo, Vanessa!

Dear clubs, play this loud and often.

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So much of your list is on my current playlist, although I've got the Disclosure/Lorde track on high rotation, and my pic from the Kylie EP is the Sam Sparro track.

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