Saturday, June 27, 2015

FRESH OUT THE BOX: ASTR, Icona Pop, Little Boots, Tove Styrke, & More

It's been over a month since I've done one of these. Time to regroup... 

Easily their most mainstream ready jam yet and given their wave-making set at Governor's Ball recently, I have high hopes that this one helps get the word about this great group.

Electric guitar-strums, rocking (real) drums, and a catchy melody. Beck can hang with the best of the 'em.

Much of Ciara's latest went right through me but this breathy gem lives up to her Janet-influence hype.

Dark disco and unexpected, "Cheyenne" is DeRulo's "Dirty Diana" with great results.

Marimba dance jam that is perfect for the summer.

Recently named as the opening act for One Direction's upcoming tour, "Emergency" follows that Eastern European trend of almost country-esque jangles and a catchy walking bassline.

Tove Lo has been having a great post-Queen of the Clouds run, writing songs for Hilary Duff's latest and this album cut from Lambert's latest, The Original High. She sings on it as well and I have good feeling it might just be a single. The cadence and pace set it apart.

Breezy and summery with handclaps for good measure -- ideal for 17 year old Swedish popstar.

I love Leona's voice on big ballads like "Bleeding Love" but I love her big voice on uptempos much more. Happily, "Fire" lends itself more toward the latter.

I hope LB stays in this disco lane a la "Beat Beat". Her upcoming record is due in July and I can't wait.

Sorry Ellie Goulding, I desperately want Elliphant's twingy delivery on every dance cut.

This reinvention of Lesley Gore's classic "It's My Party" uses its lyrical verses (and chorus!) to get to the heart of that lonely feeling.

Don't get too caught up in the star-spangled appearances that abound in Moroder's latest release (Kylie! Britney! Charlie!). Yes, they are good too, but my fave is easily this one featuring the too-often-overlooked Kelis.

This upcoming Grace solo album is shaping up to be a pop smash.

TOVE STYRKE - "Working Song"
Tove (Styrke -- don't get confused) is one of those talented quirk-pop artists whose album cuts sometimes outshine the singles. Case in point -- "Working Song".

Why is this girl not everywhere??

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