Monday, May 25, 2015

HEAR THIS: Little Mix is BACK with "Black Magic"

L to R: Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jade, Jesy
Good things come to those who wait for it.

Despite the potentially cringe-worthy title of "Black Magic" and its cheese-tastic ripped-from-a-Delias-catalog cover art, Little Mix refuses to let me down when it comes to slaying your faves and re-asserting themselves as the current Queens of Girl Group Pop.

"Black Magic" was leaked last week and due to the positive reaction heard 'round the world, its release date was bumped up. If you're like me and living in the US, it's available for purchase/streaming right now. I know. When I heard the news, I had a mini heart attack, too.

(In true annoying British single release form, it's not out until July in the group's native UK. Tell me how that works in their favor exactly, all-knowing music industry execs?)

The song follows on the path of anthematic, girl power pop that made Little Mix who they are with "Wings" mixed with a brush of chanty, sing-along bits a la "Move" and "Salute". Basically, it's the idyllic first single from a project that I could have ever hoped for from these ladies. 

Effortlessly effervescent and light, "Black Magic" is the opposite of what the title would suggest. Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy, & Jade are willing to spill their secrets on how to be irresistible to all the boys. It's....witchcraft! Just kidding -- it's actually "confidence". Tomatoes, to-mah-toes. It was also co-written by Camille Purcell, who co-wrote a few other LM jams in "Boy" and "Nothing Feels Like You". 

Nothing can truly scream summer the way sweet girl pop in its purest form can. Well done, ladies. Now let's get on with Album #3 and re-schedule that US tour you promised us!

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