Saturday, April 25, 2015

MIXTAPE: CURRENT Q2 FAVES with Brandon Flowers, Carly Rae Jepsen, Erik Hassle, Nikki Flores, & More!

Now that the year is officially heating up (literally and figuratively), there's a ton of new music to jam to. Here's what's been topping my list lately:

Don't like The Killers? Don't be fooled by this song being attributed to the band's lead singer. It's 80's synthpop at its best. It's a little bit Genesis, a little bit Sting, a little bit Roxette, and a lotta bit awesome and is easily my favorite song of the moment.

Nikki continues to plug away posting gorgeous covers on her Soundcloud that show off her beautiful voice. None do it better than this Mariah cover. Basically what I'm saying is if you love Mariah and/or that Fifth Harmony "Like Mariah" jam, you need to blare this. Loud.

We are far from "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" territory. Panic! has basically reinvented themselves to be much more mainstream pop instead of their emo pop-rock feels. (Considering Fall Out Boy has also done much of the same, maybe we're all just growing up, huh?)

This 90's dance revival is everything. And Max Martin doing 90's revival by way of the ever-capable Adam Lambert? Hello, Summer! And yes, it slays Madonna's "Ghosttown." There. I said it.

These big, emotional Dev Hynes midtempos can really do no wrong, at this point. "All That" is offering big Prince vibes and should be everywhere. Unfortunately for Carly, it's more of a slow burn -- but nonetheless amazing.

New from Gin but still sounds familiar. Lots of crunchy electric guitar and synth.

Hear me out. I may not be into Taylor Swift being shoved down my throat but the Imagine Dragon guys have re-invented the far too familiar "Blank Space" by playing it to the tune of the infamous Ben E. King classic and it really works. The cover mashup is available via their recent Spotify Sessions release and they also performed it at the Radio 1 Live Lounge in the UK. Like Rixton, I love these proper bands also using so much vocal harmony in their music. It just feels so full.

Adding the former DJ to this title tag aggravates me a little bit since this AlunaGeorge jam has been around for quite awhile before he only slightly re-tooled it. Still a great song (and a great album).

I guess the singer-songwriter-y acoustic vibe just wasn't catching flame, huh? Cut to Hil dying her hair blue-green and releasing this Tove Lo co-write. Well....alright.

What a great disco summer jam! Why is he so underrated?

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John said...

Love this playlist. The Carly Rae and Adam tracks are amazing, and the rest of this quality.

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