Monday, March 02, 2015

HEAR THIS: Wrathschild Finally Unleashes 'Birds' EP

"It's like life on Mars, this life of ours
This life of ours out here."

My only complaint is that I want this EP to be longer.

My indie faves in Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei aka Wolfy have finally made good on their promise of new Wrathschild music via the release of Birds EP, a futuristic set of dream-pop that also includes their two ace singles "Fall In Love" and "Angeles".

While "Phoenix" and "Everest" further expand on how well Simon and Wolfy's voices are able to seamlessly blur together as a unit, I found myself more drawn to the more unique offerings on Birds. "Cosmonaut" features Wolfy talk-rapping her verses. Namesake "Birds" offers smart lyrics suggesting the freedom of being a bird rather than enduring heartbreak. It practically screams for a dance dub for  the clubs. 

And of course, there's my personal favorite, it the scorching "Mars" which stands apart from the rest of the Wrathschild material if only for its multi-layered use of instruments (so many guitar sounds!) and synth. It plays with the overall intensity -- dark and mysterious during the verses but also light and ethereal at the chorus. This duality is part of what makes the Wrathschild project so exciting. They are simply so versatile as popstars.

The Birds EP is now available for your purchase on iTunes and for perusal on Spotify.

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