Sunday, March 22, 2015


March is already drawing to a close and that also means the end of Q1 of 2015. Already. While many of my contemporaries are still partying it up in Austin at SXSW (someday), here's a peek at what I've been jamming to since we've last chatted. And no, Madonna's not on this list. 

Easily the best offering on Harris' latest and not just because HAIM is the best. Their initial comparisons to Fleetwood Mac are really well founded on this one and that only adds to how great it is.

The former Voice contestant continues to offer up great pop tunes with just the right amount of sass to round out her big voice. While her previous stomper "Must Be Love" really benefited from how driving the beat felt, "Cliche" relies more on the character and personality pumped into her vocals. If she and Tori Kelly are destined to be the future Current Queens of Pop, I'd be more than alright with that, thanks.

Winter is winding down (well...kinda, at least here in the North East) and as temperatures heat up, the race to find that one sizzler of a country pop crossover is on. The intensity of the lyrics add fuel to this already blazing fire that is "Bethlehem Steel". Color me intrigued for what comes next...

This left of center duo describe themselves as being a cross of Bjork and Katy Perry. "Running Behind" initially feels a little grating because it is slightly atonal but the chanty feel grows with each listen. Their hipster aesthetic fits right in to the landscape though -- and this song has already been used in a promotional campaign for Apple. 

Solid, straightforward pop single from this fab Candienne who was formerly a drummer for the band Roads (and you can see her drumming a bit in the video). Epitome of sparkly and catchy.

With every Le Youth release, it's a bit like Christmas for someone like me -- wondering what (R&B) song from my childhood lies in wait to be chopped up as a sample and re-envisioned for the current dance landscape. This time 'round, Brandy "I Wanna Be Down" gets the royal treatment.

FROOT is here! After hearing the lead up instant grat tracks, a part of me really feared the full FROOT basket (yes? no?) would be a little too slow and serious for my tastes and I'm happy to say that I was very wrong. Overall, it is definitely her most mature work to date but still has lots of fun wordplay (especially here with "Can't Pin  Me Down").

You've heard this a million times already but like with Adele before him, it doesn't get old. Adding John to the mix is just a cherry on top.

As much as I adore "Geronimo", Bombs Away left quite a bit to be desired for moi. Sheppard's sound is a little all over the place and while it's admirable that they are so versatile, in a debut set it's a little weird. Some songs I adore while others sound so different and not in a good way. "Let Me Down Easy" was the other big standout for its choral harmony bits. It makes me want to start a sing-a-long around a campfire. Who wants in?

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i love me some Christina Grimmie - been a fan since way before "The Voice", but she was my fave on her season too!

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