Monday, January 12, 2015

FRESH OUT THE BOX: Tove Lo, Marina & The Diamonds, Madonna, & More...

Tomorrow is New Music Tuesday so let's try to cover the holiday ground before even more newness hits the ol' Spotify, shall we? Click the song titles below to watch the video/hear the song.

Because I couldn't not talk about Madonna('s arguably botched comeback). Having a project leak before it's ready is a frustrating reality of the digital age, but there should be no excuses for her sad attempt at a social media campaign with this #RebelHeart business. To be honest, Madonna doesn't need to bend (till she breaks) to current trends. Just put out good material. "Living For Love" is a great dance pop jam -- it'll appeal to the discotheque, it's not inaccessible for Pop Radio, and it doesn't feel like pandering to the #Selfie generation. I don't know how onboard I am with the rest of this project but for what it's worth -- "Living For Love" is fun.

Nicki can get the hell out of here with that "Anaconda" garbage. I like her when she's at her best -- slick with her word play and talking about being a strong female. Much of The Pinkprint went right through me and I'm not really suprised, but this one, featuring a snarky Beyonce, hits all the right notes.

Let me make this clear: I want nothing to do with that Fifty Shades of Grey debacle. Ellie was a bit of an obvious choice for the soundtrack (since she's seemed to do so many) but this song isn't. It's sexy without being over-sexualized and the lyrics paint a story that is both relatable and true to what the (meager) plot of 50 Shades is about -- an innocent women getting involved with an experienced man. To find out it was co-written by Tove Lo and produced by Max Martin just increases the intrigue. Definitely a grower.

Speaking of one of my fave new artists of 2014, "Talking Body" is the latest off Tove's incredible Queen of the Clouds album. Man, can this chick write a hook.

File this under a potential on the Urban format. Produced by The Futuristics, this R&B midtempo employs a not-so-subtle interpolation of Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and doesn't sound too far away from the one Jeremih song I enjoy, "Don't Tell 'Em" (which samples "Rhythm Is A Dancer"). If you can put the feels of utter sacrilege to bed, it grows on you. 

Something tells me that Marina's upcoming third album, Froot, will be all over the place. "Immortal" is my favorite offering from the project yet despite the fact that Marina Ballads are rarely my thing. 

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