Sunday, November 16, 2014

HEAR THIS: Mark & Bruno Shoot for "Uptown Funk"

I'm well aware that the fab new single "Uptown Funk" is the lead offering from producer wunderkind Mark Ronson's upcoming fourth album project, Uptown Special. However, he can give Mr. Bruno Mars all the credit due for me having any interest in this project at all.

I'm no Ronson Hater -- it's hard to be a fan of modern music and not feel the weight of Ronson's production brilliance (Amy Winehouse, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Solange, even Bruno himself). But for me, I personally feel like Bruno Mars can do no wrong (and the weight for Album #3 is truly killing me).

"Uptown Funk" plays to Bruno's vocal strengths and relishes in the style that Ronson is so gifted at crafting -- a throwback feel to times long before everything was Auto-Tuned, Four on the Floor. The layered handclaps, guitar, and vocal bass takes everything right back to the 70's. The Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire, KC & the Sunshine Band, awwww, yes honey! "Funk" in the title is no accident.

2015 is a breath away but this remains to be a late entry to one of the best songs released in 2014. I'm saying, though.

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