Monday, March 31, 2014

HEAR THIS: Simon Curtis & Wolfy/Ro Danishei are Wrathschild (Na Na)

They've been friends for years and collaborators for just as long. But today marked the official debut bow of the co-ed duo pop group Wrathschild, the brainchild of pop's Lady & Gentleman in Waiting (aka Simon Curtis & Wolfy). 

The two indie powerhouses have officially joined forces for the Wrathschild project (cementing my statement that boy-girl duos are this music era's en vogue formation) and their debut single, "Fall Into Love", co-written by the pair and released independently, is now available for your perusal and purchase.

Soaring and sweeping with lots of 80's synth, "Fall Into Love" is the perfect melding of what makes both of these artists compelling -- chock full of hooks, quirky lyrics and a chorus sung in modest harmony. Once we arrive at the bridge, its like the sonic cresting of a lush hill of Serengeti. Think current sparkly Ellie Goulding mixed with the out-of-the-box quirk of Bastille. It's the next evolution of Simon and Wolfy, and its everything we could have hoped for.

My love for Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei (now performing under the pseudonym Wolfy) has long been documented on this blog -- and truthfully, much of the story of my fanship of both artists was intertwined and cohesive from the very beginning. Wolfy jumped onto my radar as the leader of underrated, pristine pop trio Candy Coated Chaos, while Simon was collating a sinfully large catalog of gems and sparklers fit only for a Pop Messiah on his own. The two officially first crossed paths six years ago with the recording of the naughty cCc "single" "Utopia", co-written by Curtis. A few months later and cCc was no more. Wolfy left her native East Coast in favor of Los Angeles and it was from here that the story of Simon + Wolfy truly began.

Simon dropped his debut album, 8 Bit Heart, for free via his website almost four years ago to the day and the set included "Brainwash", co-written by Wolfy. In January of 2011, Wolfy released her own solo debut set, End of the Rainbow, which not only included Simon (in costume) alongside her in the cover art but singing alongside her via the venomous "Michelle". It was here that the rebel yell chant of Wrathschild, Na Na!, made its grand entrance to the party. Another Simon collab, "Wicked Baby" (also featuring a Wrathschild call out), was included in the album's "repackage" that August. Meanwhile, Simon's sophomore solo set, R∆, dropped in June of 2011. A third set of Simon demos, dubbed WWW, was unveiled in the fall of 2013.

It was clear the Wrathschild project was brewing for years before the cat was let out of the bag. The group is stating the project was two years in the making (est. January 2012) and Simon stated the lead single, "Fall Into Love", was mastered in late January 2014. In an interview with Billboard, the group revealed they were working exclusively with producer Ray Reich sans label. A music video for "Fall Into Love" is slated for unveiling in April. 

"Fall Into Love" is available via all digital retailers including iTunes and Spotify now.

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