Saturday, February 15, 2014

HEAR THIS: Tori Kelly Writes "Dear No One"

So if you're out there
I swear I'll be good to you
But I'm done looking for my Future Someone
'Cuz when the time is right, you'll be here
But for now
Dear No One, this is your love song

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, everybody! I hope your night was filled with love in some form -- whether it was with your significant other, family or friends. Mine was and that's always a beautiful thing. :)

For those of you who are apart of that 'Lonely Hearts' Club' this past year, one guitar-driven ballad rose right into mind (pun intended) just for you (because you all should know at this point -- I'm errbody's DJ and playlist maker, right?). And, appropriately, it's title is called "Dear No One".

Tori Kelly is a youngin' -- she's just 21 years old. But she's already done more in that short span than many artists get to dream of and she's only on her way up toward bigger and better things. As pre-teen, she appeared on 'Star Search' and 'America's Most Talented Kid' (the latter she appeared in the same span as fellow future artist Hunter Hayes...and bested him). She gained a record deal around this time with Geffen before she even turned 13 (are you getting JoJo and Nikki Flores vibes yet?) but the deal eventually bit the dust after a few years of sitting in limbo. This later led to 'American Idol' in 2010 (that year's winner: Lee DeWyze) but although she made it through the Hollywood gamut, she was cut before the Top 24 and it was back to the drawing board.

Instead of joining the post-'Idol' rat race for a major label attention, Tori put the spotlight on herself and started making YouTube videos, performing covers of songs she liked and connected to. She released a handful of songs on iTunes before her song "Fill A Heart" gained major attention. She's since signed a deal with Capital Records and now boasts the management muscle of Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen).

Her most recent EP, Foreward (appropriate), was unveiled in October and it's all good. The buzz continues to build -- she's opened for Ed Sheeran, is slated to be working with Pharrell for new tunes -- all before she's "officially" broken into the mainstream.

So far, it doesn't get better for me than "Dear No One" -- the epitome of a romantic yearning. Rather than twist into cliche of a young girl desperate for Prince Charming, "Dear No One" asserts that Tori is fine on her own but would like to have someone to walk this road of life with her -- and the message couldn't be stronger than that, right?

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