Monday, February 03, 2014

HEAR THIS: Kylie Dips "Into The Blue"

Le Sigh. Few artists are as bankable and reliable as Kylie Minogue. Her almost three decades long career (her debut album came out when I was one year old) is chock full of albums-worth of fantastique and her upcoming twelfth album Kiss Me Once gives me tingles just thinking about it.

Kiss Me Once will be Kylie's debut record since switching over to Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint -- a change that initially I poo-pooed and more-than-a-little-bit freaked out over. This worry was heightened because it will be following up 2010's flawfree Aphrodite, one of my favorite head-to-toe pop albums of the past few years.

As details begin to emerge about the set, on target for release next month in March, it's reading like a who's who in good tunage (production by Sia, MNEK, Pharrell Williams, Greg Kurstin). Considering this is Kylie we're talking about -- the official Aphrodite of Pop, alright!, and don't you forget it. 

Sexy buzz single "Skirt" was both a red herring and a hint toward the feel of Kiss Me Once -- the overwhelming theme appears to be seduction and sex. The real first single, "Into the Blue" (eeh-oh oh oh oh) saw official release to iTunes/Spotify this week and it was well worth the wait. It has everything you could ever want in a Kylie single -- a 90's dance groove, a disco feel, ethereal vocals and a call out hook that screams sing-a-long (Into the Bluuuuuu-ooooh-oooooh!).

Listening to "Into The Blue" is a firm reminder of how much Kylie was missed in the pop music marketplace -- four years was too long, girl! March needs to hurry.

PS - A week from today, Kylie's epic Body Language album turns 10 years old here in the US. I basically count this album as the album that turned me into a Kylie (all the) lover. Take some time right now to listen to "Red Blooded Woman", arguably one of my absolute favorite Kylie songs ever. Try and tell me that doesn't make you feel sexy. Go ahead. Try.

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