Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NOW KPOPPING: Rain is Sexy, Ladies / BoA Stays Flawless

True Facts Time: It has been four years since this blog first started to officially branch out into KPOP. I'll give that a second to sink in.

As a 26 year old woman, the rate of new groups debuting has only increased since I first joined this fandom -- and the idols that to debut just get younger and younger. Only a handful of active artists are made up of idols that are the same age or older than I am (most of TV5Q!, BoA, Rain, most of Super Junior, half of 2NE1, most of Brown Eyed Girls...yeah, that's about it, folks). Does that make your girl free old? Hell no! Obviously.

Does this mean I'm adverse to the young groups that gain momentum as the seconds go by? Of course not -- SHINee remains to be one of my favorite groups on the scene and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. But when it comes to salivating over an artist in that teen pop sense, it does grow harder with age to pine over these youngsters (at last for me). Which is why -- for this edition of NOW KPOPPING, why not go back to two artists who helped me fall down the KPOP Rabbit Hole in the first place...

BOA - "Shout It Out"
BoA's latest Japanese single, the carefree and fun "Shout It Out", made the rounds this past week and is due for release in Japan in March.

I'll be honest when I say that I'm much more of a fan of BoA's ballsy Korean material than her in general more sweet, tepid Japanese releases, so "Shout It Out" came as a welcomed surprise -- complete with a black Wise Potato Chips beanie. It's right on target with the 90's nostalgia throwback that seems to be happening legit everywhere all around the world, from the fashion to the disco dance sound. And she's doing some serious choreography (read: not all body waves and sensuous glances) which is desperately lacking in the female artist arena! Werk.

RAIN - "30.Sexy"
Upon my entrance into KPOP land, Rain (or Bi) was the reigning Justin Timberlake of the land, bridging the proverbial music gap between pop and R&B, complete with baby-makin' jams and sexy choreography. It was not long after the US release of Ninja Assassin and his dynamic album Rainism (which spawned the hits "Rainism" and "Love Story" -- the latter being the mother of all sexy KPOP slow jams and proof positive that you can have real choreography to a ballad, in a glittery faux-chestplate and Yankees hat of all things).

Then he went into the army for his mandatory military service. A few slaps on the wrists and the discovery of his relationship with Korean actress superstar Kim TaeHee later, he signed a deal with KPOP heavyweight label Cube Entertainment (4minute, B2ST/BEAST) and out spawned his latest album effort in Rain Effect. The album on the whole went a bit through me but "30.Sexy" is perfect for what it is -- an anthematic dance jam that feels very Justin Timberlake (somewhere between the FutureSex/LoveSongs and 20/20 Experience eras). Yes, Rain -- you are 30 (and dirty) and sexy and we wouldn't have it any other way.

{Hey Super Junior -- this is the kind of comeback I'm waiting on.}

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