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LIVE FROM NEW YORK: It's New York Fashion Week with Neon Hitch, Austin Mahone & Lots of AMAZING

Scenes from Junk Food NFL, curated by Kristin Cavallari.
Oh, yes. 'Tis the season of very tall, very lanky, very handsome men with excellently coiffed hair (who usually don't speak English) prancing about my neighborhood.

This past week, everyone who is anyone in the world of fashion had a runway show going on somewhere on the Island of Manhattan. Because I'm lucky (and work in social media at a local beauty/hair chain that sells the brand -- Not Your Mother's -- that sponsored and did the fabulous hair at a particular runway showcase known as the Style 360 -- say that 10 times fast...or don't), I got to attend several shows this past week.

I spotted a ton of celebs (Estelle! Brittany Snow! Perez Hilton! Bow Wow! Sean Kingston! to name a few), saw two live performances (Neon Hitch! Austin Mahone!) and saw a lot of fantastic fashion for the Spring of 2014 (so take notes for the future, ya'll). And because I love you, all -- I'm here to give you all the goss, pics, and of course, the music featured at the events I attended.

First up was Junk Food NFL on Tuesday, with a collection curated by former Laguna Beach starlet Kristin Cavallari. She's gorgeous in person (like, seriously) and super tiny (like, seriously -- and didn't she just have a baby?!? Amazing.). The line was very sporty chic -- all football teams, obvi -- but was still very girly and cute. I particularly loved the New York Giants maxi dress as well as the cute belly sweatshirt with jersey lining.

Tunes Played During Runway: Rihanna "Diamonds", Daft Punk/Pharrell "Get Lucky", The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army", Europe "The Final Countdown".

Hey Sean Kingston (black leather vest) and Bow Wow (grey/black shirt) -- the back of yo' head is ridikulus.
Later that night, we arrived for Angela I Am, a line by Angela Simmons (daughter of Rev Run, founding member of Run-DMC -- he was there to cheer her on, as was her brother, Diggy Simmons). We were seated two rows behind Bow Wow and Sean Kingston (stay jelly, fam -- it only gets better from this one). The fashion was a fun mixture of textures -- lots of black, lots of white, lots of red. The cut-out trend was all over this show -- lots of scorching sex appeal. And, you don't need to wait to buy -- you can purchase all the pieces at

Tunes Played During Runway: Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar On Me", AC/DC "Back In Black", lots of Jay-Z, lots of Kanye, lots of Uffie.

On Wednesday, I attended the Malan by Malan Breton presentation, designed by Malan Breton of Project Runway fame. Celebs spotted in the front row included a former Real Housewife (you tell me which one, I don't watch these shows) and former Baywatch vixen Traci Bingham -- and, it should be noted, yours truly! Yep, I sat front row, ya'll! (Insert Started from the bottom, now we here joke.) The showcase opened with a live trumpeter and closed with a live vocal performance of "I Will Survive" (extreme melismas and all). I was beyond impressed by the formal gowns in this show -- especially one showstopping gown that, as the model first cascaded down the runway, looked like a kimono before she dropped the fabric in her hands in a flourish to reveal a gorgeous white gown. The material was actually the train of her dress held up around her.

Tunes Played During Runway: Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing", Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus", Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" (live cover).
Malan & his gorgeous model in that fab gown I was talking about. Plus bonus Real Housewife & Traci Bingham to your left.
Finally, Thursday brought two SHOW STOPPING shows. The first was my fave of all five -- the Tumbler and Tipsy showcase, designed by Michael Kuluva. There was so much color, whimsy, sequins and epicness rolled into this -- it's overwhelming. (Also -- Dear Sexy Male Model with Abs That Are No Joke And Who Walked Around Everywhere Shirtless, please marry me.) Celebrity models included Perez Hilton and Olympian Johnny Weir -- the latter looking fresh to DEATH both on the runway and off. But in a surprise twist of UTTER AMAZING, Neon Hitch opened the show, performing a stripped down version of "F*ck U Betta". With. A. Harp. YOUR FAVES COULD NEVER.

Tunes Played During Runway: BeyoncĂ© "Diva", Azealia Banks "212", Selena Gomez "Come & Get It", David Guetta/Nicki Minaj "Turn Me On", M.I.A. "Bad Girls", Bieber "#thatPower", Kreayshawn "Go Hard (La La La)". Live intro with Neon Hitch "F*ck U Betta".

Prior To Runway: Mariah Carey "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", LOTS of Britney.

The last show was featuring Boy Meets Girl designing an exclusive collection for the video game Just Dance (you know the one where you dance to pop songs according to the moves show on the screen?). UK R&popper Estelle sat frontrow. Brittany Snow and Wimbleton finalist Sloane Stephens walked in the show, featuring lots of sequins and netted patterns. And it was opened by teen pop sensation, Austin Mahone (SCREAM!) performing "What About Love". Justin Bieber, watch your back -- this kid was slick and charming.

Tunes Played During Runway: Pitbull/Christina Aguilera "Feel This Moment", Nena "99 Luftballons" (cover), David Guetta/Sia "She Wolf". Live intro with Austin Mahone "What About Love".

Upon the finish of the Boy Meets Girl/Just Dance showcase, the sky literally opened up (perhaps Mother Nature was also tired and hungry, just like the rest of us who attended Fashion Week events, and just decided to throw a fit). Estelle walked right by us and her team asked us if she could borrow our umbrellas to get into her car (! -- my other moment of fame, right there). Estelle smiled and said thanks. She's fantastic.

Ahh, the glamour, right?!? But to be quite honest, my feet hurt from my heels (and so does my back). Is it the weekend yet?

Interested in any of these designers? You can follow them on Instagram via: @JunkFoodTees, @AngelaSimmons, @MalanBretonHomme, @TumblerAndTipsy, and @BoyMeetsGirlUSA.

Happy Fashion Week, lovelies! My many many thanks to the crew at Not Your Mother's for the invite! For more photos/videos from my week (with more to come!), follow me on the Instagrams via @melismaticdiva!

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