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I'm assuming you watched. Right? To me, the show began when Jimmy Fallon introduced the President of Pop, Justin Timberlake and ended after Justin made his speech (and dedicated it to *NSYNC!! The feels!!). But alas, there was about two other hours of other stuff that happened. You can watch ALL of the performaces at IDOLATOR. Here's a condensed version:

It was all about this moment. I don't even care if Justin "Super-Bowled" JC, Lance, Joey & Chris like Beyonce did to Kelly and Michelle. Ten years, people -- ten long years and we finally got to see our OT5 back in action again. Justin is a dynamite performer -- I've known that since I first saw him on stage 15 years ago and he proved that by giving the performance of the night. It was basically a mini-Justin Timberlake concert with awards and everyone else was his opening act. Seriously. Seriously. President of Pop, indeed.

Here is why I'm satisfied with that short allusion to Justin's boy band past and why it cannot be compared to the reunions of other boy bands like NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. I'm going to say this gingerly so don't take this the wrong way. Those three along with *NSYNC are all comparable to a similar genre during a similar time but only one gave birth to a superstar who remains beyond relevant to this day. This cannot be debated and I will not tolerate it if you were to try. Facts are facts. This was made into a television event because of who Justin is (and to a smaller extent, where he came from).

Yes, the other three groups continue making records with their lineup still in tact and that is commendable (and exciting, to be sure!). But there really is no reason for a new *NSYNC album. None. That ship has sailed, the time has passed. Would I take it if it came? Absolutely. But I'm not naive and stubborn in that I realize this much -- to take part in an *NSYNC reunion now when Justin is arguably on top of his game would be a step backward. I realize that's mean toward a group I so ardently loved (and still love), but it's clear the other four members also realize this. The *NSYNC era has been put to bed -- this was a love letter to the fans that are still here and a testament to where Justin came from. Nothing more. And it was beautiful in its simplicity. Justin easily could have just left them out, and continued on collecting accolades that he definitely deserves. But he didn't. As he said last night, half of the Moon Men awards he's won in his career were with *NSYNC -- why shouldn't they be there beside him?

I never thought I'd see those five men I so deeply admire on stage together again...and yet it happened. And for that, I'm thankful. Congrats, Justin.

I will share more about how happy I am that the girls are back, albeit as a four piece, later this week. I was always in the camp that the disbandment of DK at Diddy's hand made really no sense -- the group had two #1 albums under the belt. Surely if they wanted to stay together, they could. Does anyone (besides say ...Janelle Monae) live and thrive on Bad Boy Records? Dawn Richards has made some great bows with her solo work and Aubrey O'Day had her moments too, but there is no doubt they shine brightest as a group. Their upcoming reunion single -- "Rage" -- was produced by the Stereotypes group, who also produced their hit, "Damaged".

I was expecting so much more but she really was working it with all those wigs and costume changes. "Applause" has still yet to grow on me the way past singles have, but I have my fingers crossed for ARTPOP. Media failed to mention how Gaga actually left early, too. When Gaga gets one upped in shock factor by a Disney alum, things aren't looking so good.

Basically my worst nightmares realized. So gratuitous. So demeaning. You know how the rest of the world makes fun of Americans? Yeah, this is why. The comparisons of Robin Thicke to Beetlejuice is pretty unfair to Beetlejuice, in my opinion. Kendrick, you stand for what's good in hip hop, right? So why were you in this performance? RIDDLE ME THAT. Let's burn this all from the Pop Record Books. For good, please.

I'm come to the conclusion I just don't understand this type of "art". No comment.

It very well could have been the tears already in my eyes from the *NSYNC reunion just before it but still -- this was a great performance. Mary Lambert has a voice on her and her emotional delivery was really heartwarming. The inclusion of Jennifer Hudson was unexpected and a little unnecessary but I will never say no to a little extra J-Hud. I could do without Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' super long speeches (what is this, the Oscars?) but the mindset was positive and you can't ask for more than that.

I was hoping for a balls-to-the-wall retro performance of "Treasure" so when "Gorilla" was cued up instead, I was a little let down. The song is good, it shows off his chops certainly and I do think that Bruno is underrated (criminally, so). But something a little more upbeat would have been fun, right?

I honestly don't remember this performance at all. #SorryNotSorry #StartedFromDegrassiNowHesHere

I might just be Team Katy in the Gaga/Katy debate (surprised?) but both songs are rather basic. How does "Roar" stack up to past first Katy singles of yore? Answer is it doesn't. Still, I give her credit for going outside the box (or in this case, the Barclays Center) and attempting to put on a grandiose show of yore that the VMAs is known for. Whether or not it really worked is a matter of opinion.

-Ariana Grande
, you are a star in the making. Own it and stop looking so nervous. You can sing circles around literally almost everybody.
-The Smith Family's reaction to Miley was comedy gold.
-I was more happy that SNL's Vanessa Bayer was there than the actual Miley. Can't wait to see what happens on SNL next season when they inevitably parody that performance.
-Selena Gomez looked fantastic. Werk. So did Ellie Goulding.
-Taylor Swift....sigh. Just when I was starting to give you brownie points for featuring Tegan & Sara and Sara Bareilles in your show. You always have to ruin it, don't you. If Miley is a "bad role model" for young women, Taylor wasn't much better with her catty remarks. LET IT GO, girlfriend. Do some yoga, or something. Take a vacation with your gals. Get a massage. Something.
-One Direction got boo-ed when they accepted the award for "Song of the Summer". I get the reaction, but the boo-ing was unnecessary. Those five were saints with the shade that was thrown at them.
-Kevin Hart, I usually find you funny but you can take several seats for making fun of *NSYNC and NOT Miley and Robin Thicke. That was all tee-ed up for you and you played the obvious joke. Not cool.

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