Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HEAR THIS: M.O Stays "Hot", True Gal Group Conten-dah

I'm finally accepting that the breakup of Mini Viva wasn't utterly criminal -- because if that hadn't happened, we wouldn't have M.O . 

M.O exemplifies how sultry and cool the UK female pop landscape has evolved to be. If Little Mix is the new-age Girls Aloud, M.O is the new-age Sugababes. (No need to choose sides, it's all good pop.) They unleashed their latest in the sparse "Hot", a repetitive island-flavored jam that for once doesn't sound like a Rihanna retread (Dear America...). This bow follows "Wait Your Turn", "Ain't Got Time" and "Come Let Me Show You" in the promotional run-up toward what is looking like a flaw-free debut album.

If only they would bring that effortless cool Stateside. I can dream, right? Jump on the bandwagon, folks -- this one is leaving the station fast.

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