Sunday, June 30, 2013

MIXTAPE: Belated Birthday To Me

My 26th birthday was back on the 17th of June and yes I realize that was quite a few minutes ago, but considering I've been out of blogging commission since before that date (it's official -- I'm an adult now, ya'll), I figured it'd be easier to put together a MIXTAPE post of the tunes that served as the soundtrack then (and now). It should surprise nearly none of you that this list reads like a who's who in terms of my favorite chicks in the game...

BLUSH - "Warrior"
The pan-Asian five-piece released their seventh single, "Warrior", back in February on the back of the announcement that the legendary Quincy Jones is officially fighting in their corner and taking over as their executive producer. I mean, do endorsements get better than that? (The answer to that rhetorical question would be "no".)  They recently performed the song live complete in full Warrior Regalia live at the Social Star Awards in Singapore and saying they slayed it wouldn't be doing them justice.

I feel like I've been waiting for Ms. Natalia to be a "thing" for forever and it's crying shame she's not already larger than life. Her debut album Perfectionist was released back in 2011 and was chock full of good 'uns like "Zombie", "Wonderland", "Mirrors", "Break You Hard" and "Kill My Boyfriend". Think dark, Fame Monster Gaga mixed with M.I.A. and you're on the right track. "Problem", the ballsy new lead single for her upcoming sophomore record continues on with her utter fabulousity. Come on, America. Catch up.

ICONA POP - "Girlfriend"
My favorite Swedish duo continues do serious damage to my Last.FM listening history with their latest single -- the Tupac-sampling "Girlfriend" (if I hear one more person say they are sampling Jay-Z and Beyoncé...seriously, learn your rap history, man -- if this pop diva is schooling you, you have issues). As their unofficial third member, the success of "I Love It" not just at dance radio but on Top 40 really does excite me to no end but if you're getting tired of screaming "I. Don't. Care. I LOVE IT." at the top of your lungs (I don't know why you would be, but okay), "Girlfriend" works as a fun substitute.

I'm willing to forgive the goddesses Monae & Badu for the use of the word "twerk" in their song, simply because "Q.U.E.E.N." has more sass and believable empowerment feels than literally much else out at the moment. Janelle and Erykah joining forces? Already amazing.

Count on Kylie to provide an unexpected banger for your ears. "Skirt" is quite a bit different than her typical more ethereal fare, coming correct with hard lazer synth. It sounds a bit like a remix within a remix. So many years deep into a fruitful and incredible career and Kylie still sounds effortlessly ahead of the game.

LORDE - "Million Dollar Bills"
Ready to feel old? New Zealand-born Lorde is just 16 years old and she's already more prolific than most of your favorites. Well, I suppose that's a bit subjective. But still, her EP The Love Club is literally flaw-free and her latest single, "Tennis Court", has gone to #1 in her native land. Universal heard the siren call so I'm hoping it won't be too long before Lorde also conquers the USA...

CADY GROVES - "Forget You"
Cady Groves's sweet blend of hooky pop and countrified delivery really does continue to put Taylor Swift to shame -- if she could pull of something like this I'd be literally all about it. Could this be the "Call Me Maybe" of Summer '13? I'd be alright with that.

CHER - "Woman's World"
Nearly fifteen years after "Believe" ran the radio and introduced us to Auto-Tune, Cher offers up another smash not just for the dancefloor maniacs like moi but commercialized Top 40, too. If I could describe this song in one word, it would be "anthematic". It's so freaking large and stadium-esque, it's impossible to contain. Oh -- and it was produced by Paul Oakenfold (legendary in his own right) and co-written by former MMC-er Matt Morris. So. Many. Feels.

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