Tuesday, June 04, 2013


My girl Manika has grown up a lot since I first stumbled upon her exactly two years ago this month. She's released her third single in the guitar-driven jam "My Way" (my fave of her set that night two years ago, if you recall) and is gearing up for her long overdue album release.

Because we've been waiting for so long, the album will actually be a double album, seeing as homegirl has been recording nonstop for a long time. And get ready, everyone! I've gotten an insider's peek at the album(s) and I'm so excited to tell you all more about it -- that review will be coming along the pike this weekend (so stay tuned!).

In addition to all that goodness, Manika has been nice enough to answer a few questions for us for her second interview with Melismatic and this time, I'm letting you in on the excitement. If you have a question for Ms. Manika, whether it's about her career, her upcoming album or her favorite color, send it in to MANIKA@melismaticblog.com, along with your first name and your state/country. I might just include it in my interview with Manika!

Deadline for question submissions will be Saturday, June 8th, so make sure you get your questions in as early as possible!


Anonymous said...

Since your tour with 1D I haven't seen you touring with anyone else. Will you be on tour again real soon? And if yes, solo tour or with someone?

william garbacz said...

Seen you on FOX 5. Looking Good! My question is: Have you ever been in a movie or is there a movie in the future starring MANIKA?

Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

Cany you send me an autographed photo? pleeze/

Thanks, BIG FAN Mark

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