Saturday, June 01, 2013

HEAR THIS: T. Lopez Puede Cantar; "Vivelo"

Happy June, everybody! I hope you're all staying cool wherever you are -- its hot as Hades here in NYC. I've bought a hefty supply of ice cream and lemonade so I don't swiftly perish in the heat (it's my diet - don't ask questions). June is the month of a lot of exciting things -- one of them being my 26th birthday (ouch) on the 17th. It's also the month of a lot of comebacks of my faves in KPOP (EunHae, 2NE1, Henry, blah blah we'll get to that shortly). But May was pretty good to me too, and brought me a semi-unexpected comeback by one of my very favorites...

I've spoken about my girl T. Lopez plenty of times on this blog over the years since she was the youngest member of the girl group Soluna, a group I supported for a long time back in my early teenage years of yore (seriously - me and T go wayyyyy back). Homegirl is the ultimate of hustlers and has been working on her solo music project for what feels like ages -- appearing in films, television shows, and MC-ing for talk shows. So last week, when she announced on her Facebook she was dropping a single on iTunes that day, I was a little sideswept in the best possible way.

The song is called "Vivelo" (or "Live It!" roughly translated in English) is more of a traditional-rooted Spanish-language jam that is an homage to T's Mexican heritage. She has a long-standing history with Mexican music and singing mariachi tunes since she was a kid back in California. The song is catchy as all get out whether you speak Spanish or not and is certain to get you up and swiveling your hips with the best of 'em. 

In addition to the song being available for purchase, T also dropped this video you can view below of her looking predictably flawless in black and white singing with a mic stand contrasted with footage of Latino people from many different backgrounds -- according to T herself, to show "what our parents and grandparents have gone through to give us the lives we lead today". Todo mi gente, vivelo -- indeed. Que bella.

You can purchase "Vivelo" on iTunes right now, and it's also available for perusal via Spotify. For more on T, you can follow her on the Twitters via @OfficialTLopez or on Facebook.

To read more about my longstanding history with T, check out my Soluna tag here.

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