Monday, May 20, 2013

IN REVIEW: Myra Sky Has A 'License II Love'

I have always been and always will be a fan of the underdog. Stories of Pop Potential never fail to get me all a-twitter -- and Myra Sky fits that bill to a T. Remember the name, as a "hurricane" is already starting to brew around this budding pop princess.

Myra was raised in Tennessee, balancing her Egyptian family's cultural values with the musical sensibility that runs through the Volunteer State. She credits her journey into the pop world in a pretty relatable way for young women -- to Ms. Mariah Carey. She signed a record deal with indie company Payeback Music Group in 2011, and last year was a competitor on the third season of The Voice. She's already amassed a pretty incredible social media following, boasting over 78,000 Twitter followers (#MyraNation, baby!).

Shortly after the show, she began recording her debut EP in License II Love, a six-track set perfect for the pop market. The EP is available for purchase tomorrow, May 21st, on iTunes -- however, I got a little sneaky peek at the set and am happy to share the good news you all...

The set officially opens with "Crash Your Party," a solid midtempo that cranks up the energy in the chorus, telling off the boy who takes advantage of her kindness. "House of Cards" is next and is one of my favorites as it really shows off both the strength and control in her vocals. It's undoubtedly Myra's "Since U Been Gone" climactic moment.

"Knock Knock" sounds a bit like a Bridgit Mendler teen-pop friendly summer jam and reads like a call-out to your girls to go party. Current single "Question Mark" has a slightly electro twinge to it and come complete with sing-along "ooh oh oh oooh yeah yeah" bits. "Into Your Love" starts off as a piano ballad before the beat drops in and the chorus shimmers. With a slightly more frenetic remix, this could be a great dark cut for the clubs. Her vocal is slightly Rihanna-reminiscent in delivery.

The set closes with my personal favorite in "Hurricane" -- the sole proper power ballad. It's the type of jam that wouldn't have been totally out of place on Jordin Sparks' Battlefield record (which is still criminally underrated, by the way). "All the walls we made just blow away/Every time we crash down, baby, it's pouring rain/Build it all back up just to shatter to pieces/Feels like a storm is carrying up every little part of me/It's like a hurricane," she warbles. Epitome of a perfect pop power simile.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how tight the set is! My thanks to Myra & her team for the advance listen to her fab EP -- can't wait to see what's next for you, girl!

For more on Myra, you can follow her on the Twitter via @Myra_Sky. Make sure you check out License II Love, available for purchase tomorrow on iTunes -- or you can download "Question Mark" now for free via her SoundCloud here.

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