Friday, May 17, 2013

EUROVISION UPDATE: Scandinavia Poised To Dominate

Yesterday was the second and final semi-final of Eurovision leading up to tomorrow's grand finale and people -- it's deffo a good time to be rooting for Scandipop.

Let me spell it out for you. Not only is this the party being held in Sweden (aka the Holy Altar of ABBA, Robyn and Max Martin) in honor of last year's reigning champ Loreen & "Euphoria", but Norway (as I predicted) and Finland have officially joined Denmark (who made it through in the first semi) and Sweden to compete in a Quar-fecta (Is that word? It is now.) at the finals tomorrow. Andddddd, the "halftime" show following the contestants performances featured two of Sweden's best modern day popstars: Darin performing "So Yours" and "Nobody Knows" and Agnes (Carlsson) performing "One Last Time" and "Release Me". As you can imagine, I was utterly overwhelmed with all the uh-maze-ingggg-uh.

Predictably, Norway's pop princess Margaret Berger slayed all your faves in an all white number, her white blonde hair braided to the side, serving a kind of Game of Thrones realness. I love "I Feed You My Love" more and more every time I hear it.

Another one of my picks, Farid Mammadov of Azerbaijan, also made it through to the final, alongside a frenetic performance from Finland's Krista Siegfried and her debut-era Katy Perry-esque "Marry Me" (which is kind of cracktastic in an incredible way).

Other highlights from finalists include Hungary's ByeAlex and their hipster chic performance of "Kedvesem" ("My Darling") and Romania's Cezar and his Dracula meets 70's disco glitter meets opera performance of "It's My Life". Seriously, you have to see this.

I was a bit bummed however that Bulgaria didn't make it, through -- I was really impressed by Elitsa and Stoyan for their live drumming alone.

Tomorrow's finale will be a real nail biter but personally, I'm pulling for my girl Margaret. Take it home, Norway!

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