Sunday, May 05, 2013

CINCO DE MAYO/HEAR THIS: Paulina Rubio "Boys Will Be Boys"

Feliz Cinco De Mayo, todos! Yes, it's the Fifth of May and in the States that translates to drinking some margaritas and eating some "Mexican" food with friends. Why, you non-Americans may ask, do we choose to celebrate Mexico's victory over France? For Mexican-Americans, today is obviously a day of pride -- but for the rest of us, it's an excuse to party. Duh, it's what us Americans are good at.

While you're eating some delicious food and throwing back the margaritas, might I suggest some excellent tunes by a woman who is often considered la reina (the queen) of Mexican Pop Music -- Ms. Paulina Rubio. She's released a slew of albums in her native Mexico, and her English language hit "Don't Say Goodbye" attempted to position her into mainstream success here in the States back in 2002 in the wake of the Latin Pop Invasion of 1999 and the success of Colombian beauty Shakira

In addition to her musical success in the Latin American market, she held it down as a judge on the Mexican version of The Voice (as La Voz) and her latest (and 10th!) album, Brava!, was released in 2011 featuring production by RedOne. The album was re-released in 2012 with additional RedOne cuts, including the earworm that is "Boys Will Be Boys" -- her first English-language single since "Don't Say Goodbye".

While the song does have an obvious catchy RedOne feel (in the vein of Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor"), it prominently features Mexico's staple instrument -- the accordion -- giving it a distinctly latin feel. Other must-hear tracks include dance staple "Heat of the Night" (which, like "Boys", was produced by RedOne and sounds similar to "Dance Again") and handclappy "Me Gustas Tanto".

A new album from Ms. Rubio is expected in 2014.

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