Saturday, March 30, 2013

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Playing Ketchup

Mel & Mama Melismatic at CBS Broadcast Studios
A lot has happened in the two weeks since I've last updated. Part of my absence was thanks to a mini (and much overdue) vacation with my Mama Melismatic, which was capped off with seeing P!NK live at Madison Square Garden for the third official time. More on that in my next post. But here's what else I've been up to in the past two weeks. Click on the PHOTO links for corresponding pics from my Instagram (or just follow me on Instagram via @melismaticdiva).

+ In addition to seeing P!NK, Mama Melismatic and I attended two live television show tapings here in NYC. The first was at the iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza (home of Saturday Night Live where these "Live From New York" posts got their name) to see Dr. Oz (PHOTO). In the span of an hour and a half, we saw three different shows be taped (it was not aired live so they taped different segments for different shows). I can't say much about the show because they make you sign a social media/blogging contract (not joking), but suffice to say it was not embarrassing or disgusting so take that for what you will. For those of you going to tapings just for the free stuff (I'll admit, I'm a hoarder -- when I saw The View, I received a $100 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and it was awesome), you should note we walked away with exactly zip zero -- but Dr. Oz himself did walk over to us and personally shook mine and my Mama's hands. He's a lot smaller in person than I expected.

+ We also went uptown near Columbus Circle (PHOTO) to the CBS Broadcast Center to see one of the last tapings ever of Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, Anderson Live. The show has been cancelled and has already officially ended its run. It's worth noting that the catchline "CBS Cares" is no joke. In direct comparison to NBC (where we saw Dr. Oz, and I've seen multiple tapings of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in the past), everyone at CBS was so unbelievably nice and polite. I mean, "May I look in your bag, please?" kind of polite. Everyone had a smile on their face, everyone was helpful. And the capstone was while waiting to file into the studio for the taping, Anderson himself walked out just like a normal dude going down to the commissary and was saying hello to everyone. He looked directly at my Mama when she said, "Good Morning," and he replied back, "Good Morning. Thanks for coming." Swoon. Those piercing blue eyes get me everytime. (PHOTO)

+ One week after St. Patrick's Day (Happy Una from The Saturdays Day, everyone!), my neighborhood had their own parade (latebus, much?). Still, it was cute. (PHOTO)

+ Just yesterday, I stopped by The Face Shop/Koryo Bookstore again and picked up some more cute things (PHOTO), including a face mask in a little bottle shaped like a yellow monkey (I can't even) and some Rose & Rice Water Cleansing Oil. I tried it last night and it is beyond superb. And I spied JYJ's Jaejoong via his solo album fully stocked in the Koryo Bookstore! Hurray! I also ducked in to Eunhyuk's Tous Les Jours, a Korean/French bakery place for some dessert dinner and bubble tea. It was so adorable inside and the prices were reasonable for what they were (PHOTO). I spied some macarons and had Donghae in The Panda & The Hedgehog feels but refrained from buying any. Maybe next time. I did also see something that totally disturbed me and almost put me off dinner entirely -- a "croissant" with melted cheese, spices some sauce and a very large, full hot dog in the middle. Yes, a hot dog. In a croissant. It made no sense. I'm sorry, Korea -- I love so much about how unique your culture is but hot dogs are not high culinary cuisine.

Despite being only off for a short while, it seems like all of my faves had to go ahead and do something noteworthy in my absence (glare). The highlights include....

+ Girls Aloud officially called it quits just as we were fearing. They left this statement on their Facebook page: "Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together ." Insert me bawling.

+ In an attempt to heal the hole I feel inside, my other favorite UK girl group, The Saturdays, finally gained what had been alluding them (or should I say, aloud-ing them? Not funny? OK, fine). Their latest single, "What About Us," officially went to #1 in the UK -- their first #1 ever in their six years as a band. Hooray for small miracles, right? Why it was for "What About Us" (titularly, it is kind of hilarious. What ABOUT US!) and not for far superior and underrated singles like "Up!" or "Ego" or "All Fired Up", will forever remain a British Mystery.

+ Super Junior began their Super Show 5 tour in Korea and it included a late bus live performance of the "Harlem Shake" (not joking) and drag performances of Ga In's sex anthem "Bloom" amongst other female Korean hits. Boys...I just can't deal with you. Also, my #2 KPOP bias dyed his hair white hot blonde and despite every cell in my body telling me to wake up and hate it, I just can't. Cries. KPOP Gods are so mean to me.

+ f(x) remains cooler than your average underappreciated KPOP act and appeared in a "Funny Or Die" sketch with US actress Anna Kendrick. I know what you're thinking -- is this real life? Yes. Yes, it is. And it's chock full of self-referential hilariousness. Finally, SM gets it right in its attempt to be mainstream US cool. Bonus Points to Amber for being f*cking amazing and flawless as per usual. (Also, when Anna's manager says "You can't quit now! The fans probably won't let you out of the building!" I almost choked because if you know KPOP...that's pretty spot on.)

+ Newly reformed 98 Degrees have unleashed their comeback/reunion single in "Microphone" and to say it wasn't what I was expecting is an understatement. It all reads as a innuendo/dripping dancey midtemo and that's not quite what I want from my Princes of White R&B (Hey baby/Grab this microphone/You're all warmed up and ready to blow). Blank stare. Ugh, guys. Come on. I'd expect this from NKOTB but...Hoping for more beautiful ballads on the disc.

+ Speaking of unexpected pleasures, Justin Timberlake unleashed The 20/20 Experience and it almost sold 1 milli in a week (or perhaps you haven't heard?). I'll forever be the Debbie Downer pointing out that *NSYNC sold that much and then some in one day back in 2000, but that was a different time, wasn't it? A time when fangirls actually bought physical records (judging you teens today). The album itself isn't as instantly enjoyable as I wanted when compared to his prior two solo discs but its definitely a slow burner. The latter half of the disc is fantastic ("Mirrors" included) but my fave has to be "Let the Groove Get In". It's part latin dance, part 90's sunny funk and it reminds me of my family's vacation trips to Orlando when I was young. Not sure why -- just know that I adore it full stop.

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Linus said...

Although we all predicted it a long time ago, it still stings that the GA breakup is now a fact! They really were one of the most innovative groups in mainstream pop this past decade.

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