Sunday, March 10, 2013

HEAR THIS: Demi Has A "Heart Attack"

Putting my defenses up
'Cuz I don't wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I'd have a heart attack

-Demi Lovato, "Heart Attack"

No matter your thoughts on the Disney Money Machine, you cannot fault them (most of the time) in their choice pick of popstars. Demi Lovato truly broke through with the one-two punch that was "Skyscraper" and "Give Your Heart A Break" and she continues her quest to unseat Ms. Kelly Clarkson from the emotional Power Pop Throne with her latest single, the lead from her yet to be titled upcoming fourth album, "Heart Attack".

Everyone and their mother seems to be labeling this as a grandiose "electro" single -- however, I'm not quite sure they have ears. Apart from an occasion swizzle and fade, this is basically one big vocal melisma on a sparkly backdrop. Think a (more) pop Carrie Underwood or indeed Kelly Clarkson. 

While I initially found "Heart Attack" to be more of in the Grower territory, it definitely has a chorus that is a force to be reckoned with coupled with Lovato's big pipes. This girl can really wail and with each respective single, she displays her talents in a major way. I give her credit for going with her gut rather than attempting to go the dance-pop route -- that's not Demi and it never will be. Her appeal draws from her relatability and her meaningful delivery draws on her more dark, emotional past -- much of which she didn't really hide even from the start. After publicly battling her demons, I much prefer the vulnerable nature of "Heart Attack" to any of the so-called girl-next-door tunes offered up by the like of say, Taylor Swift.

Other great songs named "Heart Attack" that don't get enough attention:

-Lloyd "Heart Attack" (LISTEN HERE)
Can somebody call a doctor/Shawty's tryna give me a heart attack
The last track from Lloyd's underappreciated third effort, 2008's Lessons In Love, this song never became the single it should have been. It was produced by Adonis Shropshire, who gave us the best Day26 ballad ever in "Since You Been Gone" (not the Kelly Clarkson song) and Danity Kane's "Ride For You", as well as Dream's "This Is Me (Remix)" and co-wrote Kristinia DeBarge's "Goodbye". Lloyd's smooth voice really sells this jam of a love song and is arguably my favorite from his catalogue save for the hotness that is/was/will always be "Get It Shawty".

-Darren Hayes "Heart Attack" (LISTEN HERE)
Heart Attack/Your heart is black...Heart Attack/You stabbed me in the back
A darker pop tune from the Australian Prince of Pop and one half of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes, from his debut solo album, Spin, back in 2002. The inclusion of the word "whack" in the chorus notwithstanding, it sounds just as good today as it did then.

-NLT "Heart Attack" (LISTEN HERE)
Doctah, won'tcha/Please prescribe me something/Strong enough to take the pain away
Not to be confused with their other song "Heartburn" (which was embarrassingly featured on the soundtrack to that Bratz film), the never released "Heart Attack" was produced by Timbaland and was no doubt from their "She Said, I Said" sessions. Prime example of what a wasted opportunity Interscope Records had with those four boys. The song still has more swag now six years on than all five members of One Direction have put together.


John said...

I like it. Glad to see her run on the Top 40 chart continues. And you should add Olivia Newton-John's Heart Attack to the list, too.

Lilly said...

not my fave recent disney alum, but she is really growing on me

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