Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Miasha Slays at Montana Studios

Last night was one for the books, fam. 

I was invited to a private showcase for "dance" artist Miasha at the infamous Montana Studios on the West Side last night. (I say "dance" in quotes because the genre tagging doesn't do her stupendous voice true justice but more on that later.)

Miasha, a New York club kid who also hails from  the Manhattan School of Music and the American Musical & Dramatic Academy, recently released her debut single "Everybody's Beautiful" -- an uplifting jam about confidence in just being yourself, and who can say no to that -- and it's already sitting pretty on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Charts at #18. The song was produced by The Tracklacers, who recently worked with the likes of The Saturdays, P!NK and Christina Aguilera.

However, don't let the dance tag fool you, as it did for me. After making the trek to the famed Montana Studios -- despite it's ramshackle appearance, it has been home to many a recording artist (Lady Gaga! Beyonce! Britney Spears! Mariah Carey! Christina Aguilera! I'm dizzy!) and has autographed posters of Joan Jett, Carly Simon and The Fugees on its walls amongst too many others -- I quickly realized labeling Miasha as a dance-trick pony is a total disservice. With a voice highly reminiscent of Heart's Ann Wilson for its sheer strength and power, Miasha literally blew through her set in small Studio A. It's when you see artists like this with such soulful, powerful voices that you wonder why Auto-Tune exists in this world.

Aside from "Everybody's Beautiful", much of the material was a bit darker, the mixture of Miasha's big, smokey voice mixing well with dark, crunchy synth. She was backed by a three-member band which included a drum kit and two synthesizers.

Miasha, slaying it live.
Undoubtedly the highlight was her unexpected cover of  Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." If this does not become an eventual release, I will cry foul -- it was positively electric. Other fan favorites included a more Sky Ferriera-esque dirty jam that included "I want your sex, drugs, filth, love" in the chorus.

Keep your eyes on Miasha, she's one to watch. My thanks to Jason and Perpetual MR, Matt Vogel and Green House Management, and of course, Miasha herself, for an incredible night with a fab new artist. I'm looking forward to hearing what's next!

For more on Miasha, follow her on the Twitters (@ThisIsMiasha) or like her on Facebook. "Everything Is Beautiful" is available for purchase on iTunes and perusal on Spotify.

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