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WGO: Grammy's '12, KPOP and Chart Shakeups

Before I tried to commit to legitimate chart listings, I actually talked about music news in bullet points and since I feel that shows a better view of "what's going on" (the meaning behind 'WGO') in my own obviously stellar opinion (I kid, sort of), I'm thinking we should get back to that for 2013 and beyond. Without further ado...

-In a turn of events I really did not see coming (sincerely), that unlistenable "Scream & Shout" single by and Britney Spears has topped the heap in terms of single sales this week. Personally, I'm just glad it's not 2NE1 supplying the call-and-response vocals for that but even still -- is Britney British now? What the hell is this...

-Ke$ha continues to remain surprisingly relevant (and trashtastic in a Dr. Luke sort of way) as her single "Die Young" is officially the most spun single at Top 40 radio in the US. Also -- Olly Murs' new single "Troublemaker" with Flo Rida is officially the most added new single. That song is currently #1 in the jolly ol' UK.

-My guys in the indie troupe Mike & Cody have just released a fresh YouTube cover, this time of Usher's "Climax" and it's lush and fan-freakin'-tastic. How do you dudes keep out-doing yourselves?

-The Jonas Brothers continue to try for some momentum post-"Married To Jonas" (Yes, it's one of my guilty pleasures. I know, I know.) performing live for the Jingle Ball hodge-podge concert in Los Angeles whose lineup also included Joe's famous ex Taylor Swift (more on her in a sec). My love for the JoBros is well documented here so to say I'm stoked for the new album would be putting it mildly.

-The JoBro's boy band replacement (I guess) in One Direction caused some serious mayhem here in New York this past week, playing to a sold out crowd at Madison freakin' Garden. And guys -- this isn't even their first time playing the Garden. Does this takeover feel like it's crept up on anyone else? Seriously. But their concert reign got a bit drowned out with the scandal that member Harry Styles (you know, the one with the super floppy hair) was spotted hanging around the City with Taylor Swift, including going back to her hotel with her not once, but twice (can't you just hear the 1D fan heartbreak?). This one stinks of collaborative publicity, however, I'm just biding my time till the inevitable T.Swifty "I hate you so much" song hits the radio waves, this time complete with British slang. Girl, I get it, you're "livin' while you're young" and all, but your bag of songwriting tricks is starting to get a bit stale at this point. You should try dating outside of the spotlight. Just for a little while. Just sayin'.

-I'm not much for the US version of the X-Factor, but I am proud to say the US is finally giving pop someone to really root for with girl group Fifth Harmony. I feel a new stanship coming on. I don't know which member I want to emulate most...

-I think it's official that "Gangnam Style" has jumped the shark in relevancy here in the States (or at least with the idiotic populace that make up so much of my great nation). After it became the Macarena of 2012 literally out of nowhere, Americans are just now gaining wind of PSY's Korean back catalog and are stunned by one song in particular called "Dear American" that was released back in 2004 in Korea. The song is a passionate war anthem that was actually by a metal band in Korea called N.E.X.T. after American soldiers in South Korea got off scott-free following an accident that ended in death for two young Korean girls. PSY participated in a performance of the song during a concert benefit to protest the Iraq War. Now -- let's not get into politics too deep, because this is a pop music blog, after all, but please, America -- think before you speak. All of you saying PSY should get off our TVs and go back to Korea: you do realize we were the ones who created the PSY demand, right? "Gangnam Style" was never aimed at a US or even a World audience -- most English speaking folks still have no clue what the song means despite him giving interviews on its meaning in English. We even have idiots like Rush Limbaugh saying the song is bad for our country and is made up of "gibberish" (it's in Korean, you idiot). While for a split second, I thought maybe we were ready for KPOP in America, I'm starting to realize I may need to rethink this...

-Speaking of Korea, the 2012 MAMA Awards (MNET Asian Music Awards) -- aka the "sort of" KPOP Grammy's (errr, kinda) was held in Hong Kong about a week ago. Pertinent to Melismatic winners included: SISTAR winning "Best Female Group" for their single 'Alone' (hoo hoo hoo hoo!); Big Bang winning "Artist of the Year" and "Best Male Group" for "Fantastic Baby" (boom shakalaka); KARA winning "Best Global Female Group" for "Pandora"; Super Junior winning "Album of the Year" and "Best Global Male Group" for "Sexy Free & Single" (I'm ready to BINGO!); HyunA/JS winning "Best Collaborative Performance" for "Trouble Maker" (even though that came out last year...but OK); PSY winning "Song of the Year", "Best Music Video" and "Best Solo Dance Performance" (lol) for "Gangnam Style"; SHINee winning "Best Male Group Dance Performance" for "Sherlock" (I'm so curious chyeahhhh); and f(x) winning "Best Female Group Dance Performance" for "Electric Shock" (side-eyeing you for that, SM). Where does TVXQ! fit into all of this? Good question -- they won nothing. Yep. ... I'm not mad. Not mad at all. Let me just throw this computer across the room a few times then I'll be good. Sigh.

-Before I get into Grammy nods, it's always fun to look at the biggest "snub" of the year (it really is an unofficial category in itself) and according to manager Scooter Braun, the obvious choice is Justin Bieber. While I don't agree in whining itself (because really -- Justin has had an incredible few years and has already grabbed quite a few award accolades), I do somewhat agree he was pretty conveniently left out. This is pretty surprising considering the Grammy's just loves to throw the teen idols a bone so they can ask them to perform and increase their viewership. And I mean, they gave "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" a Record of the Year nom. Grammy's, really? I mean, really? I think it would have been fair to give one of Believe's singles a Pop Performance nom, considering those contenders include an Adele single from an album that already won a slew of Grammy's last year, a Katy Perry tack-on single and a Rihanna single that underwhelmed.

-And now to the 2012 Grammy Noms that "matter":

Record Of the Year
Black Keys "Lonely Boy", Kelly Clarkson "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)", fun. "We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae)", Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimba)", Frank Ocean "Thinkin Bout You", Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Album Of the Year: Black Keys El Camino, fun. Some Nights, Mumford & Sons Babel, Frank Ocean Channel Orange, Jack White Blunderbuss

Song Of the Year: Ed Sheeran "The A Team", Miguel "Adorn", Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe", fun. "We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae)"

Best New Artist: Alabama Shakes, fun., Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Frank Ocean

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John said...

I am becoming an Olly Murs stan, but it's easy with catchy fare like "Troublemaker." The Flo Rida cameo is unnecessary, but man that track is catchy. Speaking of catchy, I can't stand "Scream and Shout" but I find the hook stuck in my head. Hate!

I have been watching Fifth Harmony on X Factor this season, and unfortunately they've been more lackluster than stellar. Most of the time they just sing along with each other than use the complex harmonies you'd expect from a five-lady group.

I predict Frank Ocean wins Best New Artist. Too much bleed-through on the other four artists between Alternativeland and Nashville.

Although I love "Sherlock," I would have given the Dance award to "Catch Me" with no question.

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