Monday, October 22, 2012


In case you were curious as to how Ms. Melismatic spends her Sunday nights, it's taking publicity photos with rapper/DJ/star of TV's "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" Lil Jon.

Just kidding. Sort of. That's me there on the left. Jon stopped by my day job to help publicize his line of Halloween Masks that we sell exclusively (oh, the life I lead -- I know, it's too glamorous for words alone).

The verdict on Lil Jon -- in case you were curious -- is that he is super nice and down to earth. He took pictures with every fan that came to our little shindig event, signed anything and everything (including one of the masks that you can see on the left -- we will be raffling it off on my company's Facebook page if you want in) and was in general pretty hilarious. So excuse me while I break out the "Get Low" and return to my high school days of yore. Although his newer jam "Machuka" is kind of a  banger, too.

Oh, and also -- if you meet him on the street, don't say "WHHHHHAAAAATTTT?" or "OOOOKKAAAAYYYY" in a loud scary voice. A simple "hello" is fine. According to Jon himself, "I'm a normal dude, you don't have to scream at me."

So now you know. ;)

Also - my heartfelt thanks to one of my fave bloggers Chart Rigger for helping me get the word out via his position at Idolator! I appreciate it!!!

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Lilly said...

very kool, Mel! :)

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