Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HEAR THIS: Rebecca Ferguson is "Backtrack"-ing

My girl Rebecca Ferguson, the husky-voiced Brit sensation who came in second on the UK X-Factor (in the same season that also brought us One Direction, Aiden Grimshaw, Cher Lloyd and Belle Amie) is continuing on her promotional trail with an upcoming re-release of her debut album Heaven, featuring five new songs, including the stellar new single "Backtrack."

Among the new bonus re-release cuts is a cover of Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful" and Drake's "Take Care" (I'm guessing her version will rely on the song that is heavily sampled in this song -- Gil Scott Heron's "I'll Take Care Of You"), recorded live in Liverpool, as well as "I'll Count The Days" which will soon be featured in the runaway British television hit "Downtown Abbey".

"Backtrack" is the kind of foot-stomping, soul-influnced song that really chugs. Think Aretha Franklin (one of her chief influences) meets Tina Turner meets the more rollicking Adele (a la say, "Rumour Has It"). It sounds like it belongs in another era entirely rather than one so soaked in fuzzy electro, and that fact only adds to its already refreshing qualities. It's also battling prior single "Too Good To Lose" to be my favorite on the disc.

Unfortunately for US fans like myself, the video is blocked in our country on YouTube (What is the point of the country blocking again? I'll never understand). So instead, jam out to this lyric video. Here in the US, we take what we can, I suppose...

"Backtrack", the single, will be released in the UK on October 14th.

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John said...

I was able to see the video on another site, and it's a classy affair. I love the styling direction that Rebecca has gone, and the song is definitely stellar. Hopefully it will make its way here, but I'm sure the US label wants to work one or two more songs off the original version here before going the re-release route.

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