Tuesday, August 07, 2012

INTERVIEW: A Quick Chat with Parade

Parade's "Light Me Up" is the song of the moment here at Melismatic. You can read my review HERE.

The girls were so sweet as to exclusively answer some of my questions regarding their upcoming sophomore project, which you can read here:

MEL: Sophomore Jitters can be terrifying for artists, but you are returning to the music scene rather triumphantly. How is the headspace for the band different for this round of promotions?
PARADE: This time round we're doing this our way. We have full creative control, and are in a good place. We're so excited about our new music and are looking forward for everyone to hear it!

MEL: How involved in the production process are you? Both stylistically and musically?
PARADE: We know exactly how we want our music to sound, so it's important that we're involved in the production process. We've been working with some amazingly talented producers, and it's been refreshing to write about some of the crazy things we've experienced together in the past few years.

MEL: "Light Me Up" is a great reassertion track. Whilst recording, was it an automatic a-ha moment between the five of you? What was it like recording in the studio?
PARADE: Our producer, Tim Powell, has really helped us with creating our sound. Recording is fun; it has to be. We take over his studio whenever we go down there... we actually just got back from another weeks' session with him! As soon as we wrote the chorus, we could already hear our fans singing it back to us!!

MEL: Dream Scenario: If you could tour with any other artist in the world, who would it be?
PARADE: We've already been lucky enough to tour some of our favourite artists. Shakira's tour was amazing, as was The Wanted's. Katy Perry's would be a fun tour to be on. And she's hot!!

MEL: What album (besides your own) do you firmly believe should be in every one's music library?
PARADE: Individually, we're split - we have VERY different tastes. The group library would be Rihanna.

MEL: If you could look back and tell yourself any one thing whilst promoting "Louder", what would it be?
PARADE: 'Work, party and ENJOY!' (Although we pretty much did that anyway!)

Thanks, ladies! Be sure to follow them on the ol' Twitter (@Parade!) and go download "Light Me Up" for free here!

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