Friday, July 06, 2012

POP POTENTIALS: For Mina Koo, it's "More Than A Crush"

Get ready to 'shake your bellies'.

I'm always down for new DIY indie dance music, especially when its shamelessly in-your-face. Mina Koo, an aspiring pop artist original from Seoul (hello KPOP!), has recently relocated to Los Angeles and dropped her indie debut EP, Mina, this past May. The eight-track EP is basically summed up as fun on the dance floor, while Mina herself recalls such unique voiced pop artists like Shakira and Bjork. Her appeal is really centered around her stage presence -- writhing and strutting about with a palpable natural sex appeal a la The Donnas.

While Mina is clearly a dance record through and through, Koo herself is quite versatile -- performing many of the songs acoustically with guitar. With the right production, Mina could be one to watch for the underground dance set.

She's currently promoting her latest single of the project, "Troubadors (Dance Floors)", but for me, it doesn't get better than the project's lead single, "More Than A Crush". You can listen to Mina on Spotify, or pick it up on iTunes if you dig what you hear.

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