Tuesday, July 03, 2012

HEAR THIS: Charli XCX is the "One"

"You're the one that can make me stay
You're the only one that makes me feel this way
You're the one that's been stealing stars
Your golden arrow through my eye
You're the one who can turn the page
You're the one that gave me light in another gauge
Now I'm dancing in the tide
-"You're The One", Charli XCX

Charli XCX, a Brit indie popstar has released her first big single "You're The One" in mid-June. It's fantastic. At just 19, Charli (real name: Charlotte Aitchison) is quickly becoming the most buzzed about hipster pop artist and it's for good reason. She will soon be joining Coldplay on tour in Europe as an opening act alongside the likes of Robyn and Marina & the Diamonds. Heavy stuff indeed.

As for Charli's sound herself, she has the sardonic, darker appeal that Marina herself likes to dabble in mixed with more underground artists like Canadian Lights or Ellie Goulding in terms of that hard to label ethereal-ness. To put it plain, "You're The One" sounds really good at eleven (that is volume-wise and not time-wise, although I suppose both would probably be good, too).

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