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L to R: Jobob, Ruba, Max & Cy
In keeping with last week's theme of BOY BAND BONANZA, I'm super stoked to present to you all an exclusive interview with the dudes of indie boy band Social NetworkK.

Social NetworkK recently unleashed their debut single, "It's True", which features a heavy sample of Milli Vanilli's "Girl, You Know It's True" (ooh, ooh, ooh, I love you! -- minus the lip synching) at the end of June and it's takes up right where VFactory left off (with a dash of NLT -- they also feature radio personality "JoJo" Wright in their music video).

 You can grab "It's True" for yourself for the price of one tweet (so for free, basically) here. Check out my interview with the boys below to find out where they got their name (Social NetworkK -- with a backwards second 'K'), their own boy band faves and just why they chose the guilty pleasurific Milli Vanilli to cover for their debut single. If you dig what you hear, be sure to 'like' them on the Facebooks. My thanks to Jobob, Cy, Ruba & Max for taking the time out to answer my silly questions. Best of luck to you, boys -- and stay in touch with your favorite blogging fangirl. ;)

MEL: Hey Guys! Let's introduce you to my section of the blogosphere. Names/Ages?
Jobob (JB): My name is Jobob (yes, Joe & Bob) and I'm 21 years old.
Ruba (RB): I'm Ruba and I'm 20.
Cy (CY): My name is Cy and I'm 21.
Max (MX): I'm Max and I'm 21.

MEL: You decided on your name Social NetworkK because you all met through social media channels, correct?
RB: Yes, that is correct. Max and I met at this Disney movie premiere a few years back and we always kept in touch via Twitter and I had an idea to start a "boy band" and told Max about it and he was down from the start. Then we started our search via Twitter/Facebook and a few messages later we had Social NetworkK.

MEL: What's the significance of the two 'K's at the end?
RB: I'll try not to get too deep but... I just thought it would be super cool and stylized to have two "K"s and one backwards "K" at that.

So none of you knew each other prior to recording together? How would you describe your relationship now?
JB: I say we're decently close friends now. It's gotten to the point where we can share each other's problems and help each other out.

How long have you all been singing/performing prior to Social NetworkK?
CY: I have been singing most of my life, mostly in choirs and school musicals.
JB: I had been doing my own music since I was around 14. I played in a few different bands beford recording my own solo album in 2009.
RB: I grew up in a very musical family. Dancing is my passion. I went to Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) for dance. Overall I would say that I'm an entertainer.

Do you all write your own music? Do any of you play instruments?

RB: I co-wrote our single "It's True" with Grammy-nominated artist Shanice Wilson. As far as all of us writing together, we haven't crossed that bridge yet but later this summer we will be writing together for our next single!!
JB: I play pretty much whatever I can get my hands on but primarily I stick with guitar, drums and bass.
CY: As for instruments, my guitar playing is getting better!

What is your most favorite song that you've recorded so far?
Social NetworkK: We can't say the name but let's just say that it's gonna be pretty sick...just wait! ;)

Were you fans of pop music groups in the past?
JB: Absolutely. I've always been a fan of pop music. It's caused a bit of ridicule especially from the guys on my rugby team but it's all in fun.
CY: Absolutely! Some of them are *NSYNC, NLT and NKOTB.
RB: Pop music is my life! It's feel good music!

The term "boy band", although a source of extreme excitement for some (ME!!!!), tends to take on a weird connotation in the industry to mean "pre-fabricated". Do you feel any pressure to prove naysayers wrong?
Social NetworkK: Not really. We're going to do what we're going to do and to say that the objective is to prove anyone wrong would be the wrong way of doing things. I'd encourage people to call it how they see it without any preconceived notions and with that, we'll show you what we are as a group and as individuals.

You covered a bit of Milli Vanilli's "Girl, You Know It's True" for your first single, "It's True". Why Milli Vanilli?
RB: I swear - everywhere I went I would always hear people say "Yo, Milli Vanilli!" I had not a clue who they were until I got invited to see Prince in concert and there's a section in his show where he calls people up on stage and he just so happened to call me up on stage and said, "Milli Vanilli, is that you?" and the crowd lost it and the rest is history. LOL.

What album (besides your own, eventually, obviously) do you feel all of your fans should ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS have in their personal collection?

Social NetworkK: Bieber's.All of them. Chris Brown's Exclusive album.

Fans of idol groups tend to get VERY excited if/when they get to actually meet their faves in person. Which musician would/has made you totally starstruck?
JB: John Mayer.Despite his past incidents and his reputation, the dude is a phenomenal musician.
RB: Beyonce.... THE END.
CY: Probably Justin Timberlake.

OK - Be Honest. Team *NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys? (Obviously, there's only one correct answer, but I won't hold it against you if you four don't agree with me. Just kidding...kind of. ;) )
JB: Backstreet Boys. Hands down. No question about it.
RB: I have to give it to both of them 50/50.
CY: *NSYNC all the way!

Since you are a boy band, I need to ask the ultimate boy band interview question -- if you were a crayon, what color would you be? (Brownie Points for creative answers!)
JB: I'd be black. Reason being because regardless of what it is you're coloring, you can always use black.
RB: I would be purple because when I was younger I loved the book "Harold & the Purple Crayon." He was able to get out of any situation with his purple crayon. Swag. LOL.
CY: Ocean Blue Pearl.

What's one weird fact about each of you that most fans wouldn't know?
JB: I'm a nerd. Not like video game comic book nerd but instead, the studious nerd. I read for fun and just like to learn about new things.
CY: I dance by myself ALL the time!! :)
RB: I'm a workaholic. I hate downtime, it freaks me out.

Do you have any touring/show plans?
JB: I'm not at liberty to say just yet...just hold tight. ;)

When can we expect more music?
JB: Soon. Keep your ears open!

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