Monday, May 21, 2012

HEAR THIS: BLUSH Are Literally 'All Stars'

If you aren't already on the BLUSH train, prepare to jump on the bandwagon.

Playing off the teen pop appeal so prevalant in our current dance-focused Top 40 pop markets, FarWest Entertainment collected a literal "All Star" calvalry of talented, strong and relatable females from five nations in South East Asia, gave them catalogue of poppy tuneage that lends itself quite well to the dance market and said let's go. The result was two Top 3 Singles on the Billboard Dance Charts (their debut, "Undivided", featuring Snoop Dogg -- and on my January 2012 Club Set List --, hit #3; their second, "Dance On", hit #1), with a third single ("All Stars") gunning for mainstream success.

Besides the bankable pop singles to their name (I've yet to hear one from these chicks I can't dance to -- all three singles are win and so its their soundtrack single "Up Up & Away" from Disney Channel's Shake It Up), it's the girls themselves that are so endearing (not totally unlike my other fave young girl group, Girls Nite Out). The focus is on their catchy sound an drespective talents. There is no forced, in-your-face innuendo; just good natured fun. And it really looks as if they geniunely enjoy performing and just hanging out together as friends, and isn't that what global internationalism is all about at it's core?

Take a gander at their most recent music video, the just-released "All Stars", an homage to being strong with your chicas.

The rallying cry "All Stars" is appropriate. The group is comprised of five young women who are already relatively recognizable and well-established in their respective countries. Alisha, from India, danced backup for Cantonese popstar Eason Chan. Ji Hae, from South Korea, participated in the television singing competition Superstar K, similar to 'American Idol'. Nacho (yes, that's her real nickname), from Japan, is my unabashed fave. She took part in several major dance competitions with her crew, SpongePants. Angeli, representing the Philippines, ranked high in the official Pinoy version of the 'Idol' reality series. And Victoria, from China, is another accomplished dancer, performing all across Asia, including at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

It's hard not to root for these young ladies. I feel a stanship coming on. Their mini EP, Blush, is available for consumption on Spotify so be sure to peruse. I can't wait for a more complete release. While all of their material so far is enjoyable, I think my fave will remain to be "Undivided", if only for the multi-lengual outro of repeated "I Love Yous" in different languages:

Saranghae - Korean
Mahal Kita - Tagalog, language of the Philippines
Aisiteru - Japanese
Mein Tumse Pyaar Karti Hoon - Hindi, spoken in India
Wo Ai Ni - Mandarin, spoken in China

Which BLUSH is your fave?

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