Monday, March 12, 2012

HEAR THIS: JoJo Gets "Sexy"

The beat came on
The ground just shook
And it feels so good...
Wanna be mad? Well, OK-K
I'll be in the booth with the DJ
Free shots all around
It's my B-Day
Get a little He-He like MJ
-"Sexy To Me," JoJo

The process for Jumping Trains, JoJo's long awaited third record, remains to be painstakingly slow, but the second official single from the project, the dark "Sexy To Me" has officially launched at iTunes. Produced by Mr. Danja, "Sexy To Me" is one of the handful of demos that leaked recently that I immediately jumped on. The finished version is slightly different than the demo that leaked, decidedly more adult and perfect for the clubs with lyrics that are a bit more "me"-centric, as opposed to the more "you"-focused demo. Meet Adult JoJo: cool, calm, collected and sexy -- and the ultimate in strong role models for young women.

If you recall, I was a bit more psyched for "Lie to Me" than I was for "Sexy to Me", but given "Sexy"'s production tag of Danja, I'm not surprised its given a bit more leverage. Despite having a mainstream producer (while as "Lie" was produced by Da Internz, a little more under the radar), "Sexy" still sounds fresh out the club oven -- a unique piece of sex appeal that will fit in quite nice to the influx of dance-oriented singles currently dominating the market.

"Sexy" was released in tandem thanks to the folks at Clearasil at the end of February, but don't think this means first single "Disaster" is already Dead in the Water. The song is reportedly gunning for remix releases, also for the clubs. Jumping Trains is scheduled for release in April per Interscope Records.


Linus said...

Dance radio should eat this UP!

We've been waiting for Jumping Trains since the early bronze age, so pardon me for not believing in a release until I see the record in store... I know her material is amazing! When will the market get it?

Mel said...

That's the Million Dollar Question, isn't it? Interscope is saying April, but they also aren't really doing much to promote the record. Then again, Interscope only really pulls out the stops for their major artists and clearly JoJo isn't a priority for them. But at least the situation's sitting better than it was at Blackground Records.

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