Sunday, March 04, 2012

BACK IN THE DAY: Kylie Minogue "Love At First Sight"

My illness taking me out of commision forced me to miss an important anniversary that I purposely didn't want to miss. Allow me to offer this belated Happy Anniversary message to the Queen of Pop/Dance, Ms. Kylie Minogue, as her landmark album Fever recently celebrated it's ten year anniversary in the US last week.

Fever is an important piece of pop to me, mostly because it was my real introduction to Kylie via the jugguernaut that is/was/will always be "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". It was new-age Kylie's first big hit in the US and would remain to be one of her most commercially viable singles. Rather than take the easy way out, however, and celebrate the epicness that is "Head", I'd rather instead shine the spotlight on Fever's other big gem in follow-up single "Love At First Sight" -- which I count in my Top 3 of my Favorite Kylie Tracks of All Time (the others being "Aphrodite" and "Red Blooded Woman").

Man, if that doesn't make you want to dance around your bedroom in cargo pants and teal eyeshadow, I don't know what will.


John said...

First off, I hope you're feeling better. I love that our tastes align so well with Kylie, because "Aphrodite" and "Love at First Sight" are easily in my top five Kylie tracks. I was really stunned that "Love" did as well as it did, but I wasn't going to complain. I'm actually a bigger version of the US remix compared to the LP version, but I'll take either above most of what's out in the marketplace at the moment. I loved her mashup of this with "Can't Beat the Feeling".

Mel said...

Thanks so much, John!! Definitely feeling much better than before -- thyroid is not something to screw with and I could have done without the constant feeling of being strangled. Lucky, everything is sorted now. :) xoxo

As for Ms. Kylie - she will always be a go-to Dance Queen, and I think we will always be in that "other" category of wishing she was more successful commercially, so any success is a good thing. ;)

Linus said...

"Red Bloded Woman" is definitely one of my Kylie-faves too! "Slow" would be another, and "All the Lovers" is pure brilliance.

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