Thursday, February 16, 2012

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Livin' Joy "Don't Stop Movin'"

Perfect opportunity to introduce yet another new column idea in Thowback Thursday -- differing slightly from the Back in the Day format, in these are just 90's jams that you might have forgotten about that have been subject to recent blackhole repeat on my iPod. For our debut session...

Livin' Joy was a eurodance group from Italy that only have a handful (as in two) main hits to their name. My personal fave -- "Don't Stop Movin'" -- was the later of those two, released in 1996. The song went Top 5 in the UK and Top 3 on the US Dance Charts, but where I first heard it was thanks to that ubiquitous CD compliation series that everyone in my elementary/middle school seemed to have -- Tommy Boy Records' Jock Jams. "Don't Stop Movin'" was one of my favorite cuts to spin while dancing around in my room, for obvious reasons. The cheerleader chant interlude that it was paired with on the disc, however, I could have done without. ;)

I'm so predictable. Even back in the day, I was into the positive affirmation dance jams. The unrelenting oompt-oompt bass and hi-hat combo, the vogueing and aggressive choreography, the C + C Music Factory-esque power vocal...they just don't make 'em like this anymore, do they?

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John said...

You and me both on the uplifting oompt-oompt. I needed this today!

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