Friday, February 10, 2012

HEAR THIS: Chris Brown Says "Turn Up the Music"

"Turn up the music
Can I hear it til the speakers blow?...
Just turn it up loud...
I need it in my life, yeah"

-Chris Brown, "Turn Up the Music"

For the lead single off Chris Brown's upcoming fifth record, Fortune, it really doesn't get more simplistic. But combining a basic call to the dance floor and a repetative and singable chorus with stomping synth certainly served him well before. I mean, "Turn Up the Music" is the most pop-radio friendly nugget we've seen from him since "Forever", and that was forever ago (2008!).

I'll be honest when I say I'm still not sure whether or not I'm ready to "forgive" Chris, but the reality is -- the boy's paid his penance. If we can let Rihanna prance around with cuts like "S&M" and "Rude Boy", it would be completely hypocritical to not let him (whether or not she should be warbling on and on about said topics is another debate -- but then again, we can't tell artists what material to record). He's an incredibly talented vocalist and performer. I could do without the petulant attempts to display his "swagger" (and that goes for Rihanna as well, I'm not biased), but perhaps that's why "Turn Up the Music" appealed to me so much -- its direction is very simple and clear. It's a paint-by-numbers party song for the clubs. And to be honest, it's perfect fautter to kick off the weekend.

So with that said, TGIF, fam (seriously). Go "Turn Up the Music", and turn it up loud.

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John said...

You raise a great's very clear Rihanna's not concerned about the public's perception, so why should we hold past actions against Chris? I'm still not a huge fan, but tracks like "Yeah 3x" are undeniably fun. Having said that, "Turn Up the Music" sounds a bit derivative to me and I'm not digging it like a lot of other people are.

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